The purpose of this blog is to share political news, information and to have discussions. Anyone of any political bent is welcome but civility is a must! The reason that I use a pen name for the blog is that political discussions are often contentious and I have had threats at different times. While I am not afraid for myself, I don’t feel my family should be subjected to harm because of my political leanings.

I have been politically active since I was 17 years old. Issues I was deeply involved with were the 18 year old vote, women’s rights, birth control and abortion rights. I make every effort to keep up on current political news and to share them along with my personal opinions and comments. I have personally worked for the U.S. Government in numerous agencies and have some idea of the workings of those government agencies.

I am an ardent liberal who works at the local Democratic Headquarters and the polls.  I currently reside in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

I am personally responsible for all articles posted. User comments are the responsibility of the individual commenter and may be subject to removal if they are combative, rude, make false claims and/or slanderous in any way.