Catholic Church Enslaved Women Until 1996

Catholic work houses enslaved thousands of women – selling their labor to Guinness, the army, government departments and even hotels. The women’s crimes? Some were “fallen” women and some “troubled girls” while others committed minor offenses such as not paying for a train ticket.

This isn’t a story of an atrocity from long ago. The houses weren’t closed until 1996. Complicit in the crime against women is the Irish government.

While the Irish government puts the number of women and girls forced into labor at 10,000, The New York Times places the number at 30,000.

The Catholic Church, to date, has taken no responsibility for the work houses.

Coupled with the pedophile scandal and the church’s part in 50 years of stealing babies in Spain and giving them to more “suitable” parents, is it any wonder the Catholic Church is experiencing a decline and is distrusted?

For a church that is so focused on the moral failings of others, preaching against birth control, abortion and homosexuality as immoral, the church has no compunction for its own moral failings. The church is corrupt, criminal and the epitome of immoral. When will we finally see someone from the Catholic Church standing trial and paying for the crimes of the church?

What will it take for the rank and file Catholics to say enough and walk away?

 Irish PM: Magdalene laundries product of harsh IrelandUntitled-1

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has apologised for the stigma and conditions suffered by women who were inmates of the Magdalene laundries.

Mr Kenny said the laundries had operated in a “harsh and uncompromising Ireland,” but he stopped short of a formal apology from the government.

About 10,000 women passed through the laundries in the Irish Republic between 1922 and 1996, a report has revealed.

The laundries were Catholic-run workhouses that operated in Ireland.
Source:BBC News.

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7 Responses to Catholic Church Enslaved Women Until 1996

  1. timesr says:

    Kind of makes one think the Catholic Church doesn’t believe all that Biblical stuff like “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.

  2. Wizcon says:

    Here, fallen women ended up in the county “poor farms”.

  3. Sage says:

    If the Catholic Church wants to claim some kind of moral authority it should at least adhere to some standards of morality itself. The hypocrisy makes me crazy.

  4. timesr says:

    What do you think about the Pope’s resignation?

    Sage Reply:

    I think the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan. HBO is running a special on him when he was still a Cardinal. It’s not going to be pretty. I think the scandal is bigger in scope than previously known.

    What do you think?

    timesr Reply:


    Yeah, I think so too.

    How many scandals is one scandal too many?

    Sage Reply:

    Exactly – there is always a tipping point and I think it’s been reached.

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