Racism Alive and Well in Delaware

Sometimes I wonder if we will ever move beyond racism in this country. I double checked the translation of the Spanish and it actually translates to: You must have a permit to play in this field. Violators are subject to police action.



Well, you can read what it says in English. In Spanish it says (paraphrasing) “You have to have a permit to play here or you will be arrested.” The English version contains no information about needing a permit or else you will be subject to police action. It is an obvious intimidation tactic and a not so subtle “Whites Only” sign.

So if you are a white English speaking “American,” you can play here at your own risk so long as you have a parent or guardian watching. If you are brown, if you dare play here without a permit we will arrest your immigrant ass.

Daily Kos: Outrage in Delaware.

Update from Daily Kos:

Dan Gaffney, the conservative radio talk show host, has himself taken a whole bunch of new pictures to dispel the crazy and insane photoshop conspiracy theory.


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4 Responses to Racism Alive and Well in Delaware

  1. Wizcon says:

    I worked in a restruant back in the 70′s that used to be a dance hall. The maintenance man had been with the building most of his adult life. He showed me posters that Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong had both played there. Both had to sleep in the building because blacks weren’t allowed on the streets after dark. My mother went to school in that town years ago and told me that there was a sign on the edge of town that said ” N#%$^” don’t let the sun set on your here” . The only black man in the area lived on a hill outside of town and when I first came it was called “N#$%^” Nathan Hill. A sign commemorating him said just that still in 1970. It’s been replaced. It seems we can’t get away from it. Whether it be Black/ brown/ gender/class. We seem to need to keep people down even thought it doesn’t elevate us by doing so.

    Sage Reply:

    It’s hard to believe stuff like that happened, Wizcon. I, too, remember when I was in grade school and had to ride the bus to school, seeing KKK meeting signs. I remember asking my parents what the KKK was.

    Wizcon Reply:

    @Sage, When my daughter adopted from Ethiopia a couple of yrs ago. I got a lot of questions like “how dark is he?” in hushed voices in the grocery store. It seems it’s only gone under ground, depending on which race, gender, or religion.

    Sage Reply:

    I think until Obama was elected many of us didn’t realize how bad racism still is. We knew it wasn’t gone, but it went underground somewhat. Now it’s back out in the open for everyone to see.

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