Why State Elections Are So Important

How can it be that the will of the people can be completely circumvented? Democrats have a 1.2 million vote lead over Republicans for House seats but yet the Republicans keep the House majority. How and why? Republican led state governments saw to it through gerrymandering.

Republicans boasted about keeping the majority in the House citing it as no mandate for the President, but the truth of the matter is, the American people did NOT want a Republican House majority.

Democratic House Candidates Now Have A Nearly 1.2 Million Vote Lead Over The Republicans

The day after the election last month, ThinkProgress took a preliminary tally of the total number of votes cast for candidates for the House of Representatives. We found that, despite the fact that Republicans won a commanding majority of the seats, the American people cast more than half-a-million votes for Democrats. This number was based on early tallies, however, and it was especially likely to undercount many West Coast states that had less time to count ballots.

More than a month after the election, the Democrats’ popular vote lead expanded significantly. Based on current tallies, Democrats now lead Republicans 59,343,447 to 58,178,393 in total votes cast for their House candidates — meaning that the American people preferred Democrats over Republicans by nearly a full percentage point of the total vote. Yet, despite clearly losing the popular vote, Republicans will control nearly 54 percent of the seats in the House in the 113th Congress.

This disparity between the will of the American people and the actual outcome of the election did not happen by accident — it is largely the product of massive gerrymandering by Republican state officials.


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