President Obama has created racial division?

Seriously? If I have to here this Republican lie one more time I might throw up.

President Obama hasn’t created racial division in the U.S. The people who have created the racial division are the knuckle dragging racists on the right who have been eaten up with racial hatred for most of their lives. Having a black (half-black) president has brought out every bat shit crazy racist in the United States. Being led by Republican leaders who pass around their “funny” little racist emails, they have become emboldened and feel free to wear shirts with messages like“Put white back in the Whitehouse”.

No, President Obama isn’t responsible for the racial divide in this country, it is the right wing and the Republicans who refuse to stand up against them and in some cases join them.

Once again we see the problem of projection from the right – they project onto the Democrats, liberals and the President the very thing they are guilty of.



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4 Responses to President Obama has created racial division?

  1. timesr says:

    “President Obama has created racial division”
    Right. How dare he be black and president of the United States.

    Sage Reply:

    Yep – he has the audacity to be president while black.

    timesr Reply:


    Any politician who promotes, or tolerates this kind of garbage is too irresponsible too hold office.

    Sage Reply:

    I agree. I’m really sick of this.

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