FDR: “Let me warn you…” (1936)

Obama should say the same thing.

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4 Responses to FDR: “Let me warn you…” (1936)

  1. LesFlo says:

    The only problem is…

    It’s already been said

    Sage Reply:

    Hey LesFlo! Whassup? I noticed Headwaters shut down.

  2. Dred says:

    Sage: Un-clench your teeth. The next four years will be fun.I cannot remmeber an inaguration that has come of such anticpation as this. Maybe Kennedy, but I was 3 at the time.Pre-game to the pre-game, and President Obama (still sounds strange) has a lot to live up to given the build-up to his election and all.It can be an exciting time for America if we allow it to be.

    Sage Reply:

    They aren’t clenched – promise.

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