The President’s “Preoccupation”

Last night during the debate it appeared that the President was a bit preoccupied. He probably was. As the president was preparing for a debate he had a disaster in Turkey to be concerned with. Unlike Mitt Romney who isn’t really responsible for anything, President Obama is still president, even on the day of a debate.


On Wednesday, at least three bombs fired from Syria hit a residential suburb of the Turkish border town of Akcakale, killing a woman and four children from the same family and wounding at least eight others. This is a second mortar attack on the Turkish town since last Friday. Back then Foreign Minister Davutoglu said he would take action if there were a repeat.

In response to Wednesday shelling, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minster stated that “Syria must be made to account for the incident and there must be a response under international law.” In Akcakale, dozens of angry residents marched to the local mayor’s office to protest the deaths.

The Obama administration said it is “outraged” by the Syrian mortar attack. The US is consulting Turkey on what Hillary Clinton dubbed a “very dangerous situation.” The US State Secretary plans to speak to the Turkish Foreign Minister later on Wednesday. SOURCE

Turkey has, as of October 4, 2012, fired back:

Turkey has fired back at Syria after Syrian mortar bombs killed five people and wounded eight, in a Turkish town near the border, according to senior Turkish officials. NATO convened for an urgent meeting tonight, unilaterally condemning the act.


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