Pastors pledge to defy IRS, preach politics from pulpit ahead of election

The article below was posted on Fox….they have since removed the article.  I don’t have time to make a lot of comments right now except to say I think this is despicable and every church involved should have it’s IRS tax exemption revoked. If the churches don’t like the restrictions they are more than free to pay up to the IRS.

Since the article has been pulled from Fox, you can get more information at the Facebook page for the pastors.

More than 1,000 pastors are planning to challenge the IRS next month by deliberately preaching politics ahead of the presidential election despite a federal ban on endorsements from the pulpit.

The defiant move, they hope, will prompt the IRS to enforce a 1954 tax code amendment that prohibits tax-exempt organizations, such as churches, from making political endorsements. Alliance Defending Freedom, which is holding the October summit, said it wants the IRS to press the matter so it can be decided in court. The group believes the law violates the First Amendment by “muzzling” preachers.

“The purpose is to make sure that the pastor — and not the IRS — decides what is said from the pulpit,” Erik Stanley, senior legal counsel for the group, told “It is a head-on constitutional challenge.”

Stanley said pastors attending the Oct. 7 “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” will “preach sermons that will talk about the candidates running for office” and then “make a specific recommendation.” The sermons will be recorded and sent to the IRS.

Original Source Via Democratic Underground

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