Romney’s Dad Was On Welfare, A Mexican Refugee

Well, well, well…..Mr. I Was Born with a Silver Spoon In My Mouth, should be thanking the United States Government for the welfare his dad received when he came to the U.S.  I guess his dad felt entitled to food, housing and health care.

Instead of the smirking, arrogant, condescending attitude he has toward struggling Americans, this entitled asshole needs to get down on his knees and thank the people of America for supporting his family so they could get on their feet. But, does he show his gratitude? No, he looks down on anyone else who needs help and writes them off as losers.

This can’t be written off as the Liberal press making stuff up…these words are out of the mouth of Romney’s own mother. It’s a shame she didn’t teach her smarmy son to be thankful for the help the family received.


George Romney, Mitt Romney’s father, was on welfare early in his life, A Mexican refugee according to a 1962 video of an interview with Mitt Romney’s mother as George Romney was running for Governor. See the clip (the welfare comment is at :55 ish): It seems that much was left out of Mitt Romney’s biopic…first, he forgot to mention that his father’s family moved to Mexico so that George Romney’s grandfather could marry his fifth simultaneous wife, a move that was illegal in Utah when Utah became a state. He also failed to mention that during a Mexican revolution, Mitt Romney’s grandfather lost his property and land, and as an immigrant to this nation, qualified for assistance that was passed by the federal government to help refugees escaping political strife.

So as a young immigrant, George Romney’s family took federal funds to get back on their feet.



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2 Responses to Romney’s Dad Was On Welfare, A Mexican Refugee

  1. joann yulke says:

    he repudiates his own father

    Sage Reply:

    Yes, he does. And I for one would like to see some humility and gratitude from him for the start this country gave his family.

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