Bill Clinton at the DNC

Nobody does it better and Bill Clinton made a powerful case for the re-election of President Obama. Clinton debunked every Republican charge against Obama and the economy. Clinton was pure genius.

On deficit reduction: “People ask me all the time how we got four surplus budgets in a row. What new ideas did we bring to Washington? I always give a one-word answer: arithmetic.”

“Don’t you ever forget, when you hear them talking about this, that Republican economic policies quadrupled the national debt before I took office, in the 12 years before I took office, and doubled the debt in the eight years after I left, because it defied arithmetic,” he said. “It was a highly inconvenient thing for them in our debates that I was just a country boy from Arkansas and I came from a place where people still thought two and two was four.”


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2 Responses to Bill Clinton at the DNC

  1. Wizcon says:

    I started watching this on tv and had to go somewhere. You should have seen me tearing out to the car and turning the speech on NPR! LOL Excellent speech!

    Sage Reply:

    Bill Clinton kicked butt! The Big Dawg is back. ;-)

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