The Newsroom – Tea Party is the American Taliban

The American Taliban – sounds right to me.

If you’ve never seen The Newsroom (HBO series), you’ve missed a great show.


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4 Responses to The Newsroom – Tea Party is the American Taliban

  1. Wizcon says:

    I have had a heavy load the last couple of weeks so I haven’t been following the news much (very refreshing by the way). But I have not heard anything about the tea party at the convention. I have seen them traveling around in buses though.

    Sage Reply:

    From what I understand, they have been quite disruptive. They tried to get Ron Paul’s delegates recognized and pitched a fit when it didn’t happen.

    Deauna Reply:

    @Sage, Hey there, AfricanPress HERO … you saved so many of us 4 yrs ago. :D

    Just FYI — Ron Paulers are a SMALL part of those calling themselves TEA Party. It was the TaxedEnoughAlready crowd making a stink… in fact, majority of us pooped on their parade & joined with RNC to clamp it down.

    There was a fair primary… he & Gary Johnson (OMG where do we begin on the loon pole, there? LOL) … are just sore losers & pouting their way out of existence.

    No prob in having different views — but I know how you are about getting to truth – thought that may help :)

    Would like to say THANKS again — for nabbing truth on AP. That still makes me cringe knowing I got snared by such schmuck LOL ;) Take care & happy Labor Day

    Sage Reply:

    Hey there – great to see you. That’s great news about most of the Ron Paul supporters not being part of the Tea Party.

    I really don’t personally have a problem with a lot of what Ron Paul stands for. I think he goes way too far with the social programs thing, but I’m all for legalizing pot, staying out of wars and in general getting rid of a lot of wacko laws. I just believe in the safety net social programs.

    When I do the political compass test I rate as a liberal libertarian. Fewer laws, more freedom!

    You’re welcome over the AP thing. It was crazy and I enjoyed the research. I still have all of that research available somewhere. :-)

    Hope you are well and had a great Labor Day.

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