I’m Going to Say It

I know people who election after election vote against their own best interests. Never before has it been more obvious than in this election. These are people I know well, who I always considered reasonably intelligent people, and when I talk to others who know them we always preface the conversation with “they aren’t stupid people.”

But, here we are, rapidly closing in on the 2012 election and once again, in spite of all of the evidence, these people will vote for someone who is against everything they need and even believe. These are people who believe Mormons aren’t Christians and yet, even being fundamental Christians, will push the button for Mitt Romney.  These are people in the autumn of their life who will soon need Social Security and Medicare, but they will push the button for a ticket with Paul Ryan who wants to gut both.

These same people, previously referred to as “not stupid people” will justify their votes with inane things such as “they” say Obama is a Muslim. They will justify their vote over issues such as gay marriage, which has no effect on their lives, and over issues such as abortion by pushing the button for a man who was pro-life, until he wasn’t because it was politically expedient not to be, and who made millions on a business that disposed of aborted fetuses.

These same people have family members who couldn’t make it without Social Security and Medicare….people they love, but they will push that button for a ticket that wants to gut the very programs that allow their loved ones to survive. These “not stupid people” have family members who receive government assistance in the form of a number of social programs, but they will push the button to vote for the people who want to do away with the “Welfare Queens” and the safety nets millions of people depend on.

These same people, who have grandchildren who may never be able to get a grant or loan for college, will push the button for the duo who support a plan to decimate education.

These same people who believe that evolution means “something came from nothing” and who, in spite of everything, think global warming is a hoax, are people we keep referring to as “not stupid people.” These are people with more than high school educations. People who have all of the resources of the Internet, libraries and other research and educational materials available to them and yet, refuse to do the homework to find out anything about the candidates they will push the button for or the party they are supporting.

These people fill their heads with the propaganda of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. They have fallen into the trap of “if you’re a Christian, you must be a Republican.” These “not stupid” people vote for the party that destroyed the U.S. economy, the party that wanted to privatize Social Security (just before the stock market crashed), the party with which the only thing they have in common is an anti-abortion stance and an anti-homosexual position.

Here’s a news flash – the Republican Party doesn’t give one rat’s ass about abortion (Romney’s health care plan used tax funds to pay for abortion.) They also don’t give one rat’s ass about gay marriage – they just know that these “not stupid people” do and they can incite their wrath with rhetoric against homosexuals. They know they can convince these people that it is better to give tax breaks to them, the rich, than to give food stamps to the poor….that somehow the rich having more money will benefit these “not stupid people.”  These people will continue to believe that tax cuts for the rich will produce jobs in spite of all of the evidence to the contrary.

The Republican Party has captured hearts and minds,  not of the Iraqi people, but of the people sitting in the pews of the churches of America…..the very churches who sold their membership roles with the names of these “not stupid people”  to the Republican Party.  They will continue to see as Godly the tax-free mega-million dollar churches,with “preachers” who have tax- free jets, limos, mansions, and thousand dollar suits, while at the same time having contempt for the poor person who doesn’t pay taxes.

The Republican Party has bought the Christian church with funds for “faith based” initiatives. They have the blessing of Christians to allow human suffering by opposing stem cell research in order to protect a blob of cells that will end up in an incinerator, most likely one owned by a company that Mitt Romney has investments in.

These “not stupid” people will continue to deny the very real global climate change and vote to gut funding for alternative energy and adequate protections against the devastation to come from climate change. They will continue to ignore the storms, the droughts, the heat and the failing water supply, all in order to not hand a government in debt to their children. What they will hand to their children is a world where food is in short supply, gas is financially out-of-reach, water is fought over, homes foreclosed on, the elderly dying alone without money for nursing homes and health care, millions more children living in poverty, etc. and all to stop “socialism.”

They don’t realize that it is “socialism” that provides the roads they drive, the programs that invest in small businesses, the programs that help the elderly, the hungry, the sick and the helpless.  They will do everything in their power to do away with the safety nets and will do it in the name of the very Son of God who told them that “in as much as you didn’t do it for the least of these, you didn’t do it for me.”

So, today is the last day I refer to these people as “not stupid people”, because there is nothing more stupid than voting against your own best interests and the best interests of your children, grandchildren, elderly parents, and your country.  As Forrest Gump said “stupid is as stupid does.”





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6 Responses to I’m Going to Say It

  1. Wizcon says:


    Sage Reply:

    Thank you. I’m tired of the pretense.

    Wizcon Reply:

    @Sage, The “smart people” spend an awful lot of time with their little diversions.

    Sage Reply:

    True that. I don’t know that I’m very smart, but I don’t vote against my own best financial interests. :-)

  2. 2fewfactsaround says:

    Sage, you are so on-target with this blog post.
    Once again, we are surrounded by people who would rather cling to their willful ignorance than admit they’ve been made fools of by the Republican Party and, worse, by their greedy ‘faith’ leaders.

  3. knight4444 says:

    Awesome blog absolutely awesome! I’ve been saying these same things for years!! I voted for Obama and in many ways he’s nothing more than a corporate democrat! But republicans are well beyond foolish! I literally could write evidence for hours on how incredibly ignorant these simple minded people are! One major reason the republican party even exist is because of phony sheep like so called christians! you know the types! the do as I say not as I do crowd!! And we wonder why republican politicians are always getting caught in homosexual scandals!!

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