Really Romney? Paul Ryan for VP?

Word is Romney, Mr. 1% himself, will choose Paul Ryan as his VP.  Ryan is responsible for the Republican Budget Plan that would destroy the middle class and give even more to the top 1% of the country.  Romney never did see a plan for raping the middle class to enrich his and his buddies’ pockets that he didn’t love.

What has been said about Ryan’s budget plan?

The latest House Republican budget plan asks low-income and middle-class Americans to shoulder the entire burden of deficit reduction while simultaneously delivering massive tax breaks to the richest 1 percent and preserving huge giveaways to Big Oil. It’s a recipe for repeating the mistakes of the Bush administration, during which middle-class incomes stagnated and only the privileged few enjoyed enormous gains.

Each component of the new House Republican budget threatens the middle class while doing nothing to add jobs or grow our economy. It ends the guarantee of decent insurance for senior citizens, breaking Medicare’s bedrock promise. It slashes investments in education, infrastructure, and basic research, all of which are key drivers of economic growth and mobility. And it cuts taxes for those at the top, asking the middle class to pick up the tab. It’s a budget designed to benefit the top 1 percent at everyone else’s expense.


Undermining the middle class

Nearly every important element of the new budget proposal from the Republican leadership in the House would weaken the middle class in America. First and foremost, the plan ends the Medicare guarantee of decent health insurance in retirement. It also slashes critical middle-class investments, such as education and infrastructure by 45 percent and 24 percent, respectively. It includes not a single new measure to help the nearly 13 million unemployed get back into a decent job. And on top of all that, the middle class would end up paying higher taxes as well.

Rigging the system even more heavily in favor of the richest 1 percent

But this budget plan isn’t content just to take from the poor and middle class—it also gives generously to the rich. It protects existing tax breaks for those at the top of the income spectrum, and then goes the next step and offers them huge new tax cuts. Rep. Ryan and his colleagues insist that the more than $3 trillion in tax cuts for the rich won’t result in lower revenue, but are deliberately vague about how the numbers could possibly add up. The reality is that the only way to pay for such huge tax cuts for the 1 percent is to make the 99 percent pick up the tab.  Source

How many of us can afford higher taxes, no guarantee of Medicare when we retire and losing our mortgage interest deductions? How do you feel about less pending on the weather service, infrastructure, education and even transportation?

Paul Ryan’s budget is class warfare at its worst and WE are the class on which war is being waged.

So, now we know just what Romney’s plan for our country really is…..more for the rich and less for the poor. How’s that sounding to you?



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2 Responses to Really Romney? Paul Ryan for VP?

  1. Terri says:

    I may be overly optimistic, but I think this VP pick just lost Romney’s chance at the presidency. Paul Ryan is the darling of the Tea Party, but the Tea Party is not particularly well liked among mainstream Republicans because of those reasons in your post Sage. I think many will cross party lines and vote for Obama out of fear of the Tea Party and the negative impact of their agenda on the middle class and poor.

    Sage Reply:

    Hi Terri – I hope you are right. I do know some in my family have already jumped ship because of the extremism of the party.

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