Nice Diversionary Tactic – But WHERE are Romney’s Tax Returns?

Yippee – Romney chose a VP running mate. I’m all aflutter with excitement.


Okay, the excitement has passed, where ARE the tax returns?

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2 Responses to Nice Diversionary Tactic – But WHERE are Romney’s Tax Returns?

  1. Wizcon says:

    Ever hear the term “snollygaster”? Look it up, i’s a real word. My Dem grandma, who was german, used to say it in german.
    I think there should be t shirts and bumper stickers that say “Beware of the snollygaster, vote Obama”

    Sage Reply:

    That’s a new term on me.

    The Snallygaster is a monstrous beast whose rampages were recorded in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia starting in 1735. The reports of a bloodsucking dragon-like beast with wings, claws, tentacles, fur, horns, and a long reptilian tail continued into the mid 1970s. In addition, the Snallygaster had only one eye in the middle of its head and had a horrible sulfuric smell. A group of lumberjacks also claimed to have come upon the Snallygaster’s nest, which was perched on a high cliff and contained an egg “big enough to hatch a horse”. Often accompanied by its signature bloodcurdling roar, the beast attacked people, pets, and livestock in the aforementioned states.


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