2012 The End of the World? Not so fast…………

If you’ve recently taken up “prepping” you can breathe a little easier.  New discoveries show the Mayan calendar doesn’t end in 2012.

I admit to having a fondness for disaster movies and dystopian stories, I’ve never felt the need to prepare for the end of the world.  For all of those looking forward to the end of the world, buck up, someone will come along to predict the end based on something else.

Newly discovered Mayan calendar goes way past 2012

Newly discovered wall writings found in Guatemala show the famed Maya culture’s obsession with cycles of time. But they also show calendars that go well beyond 2012, the year when the vanished civilization, according to popular culture, expected the end of the world.

“So much for the supposed end of the world,” says archaeologist William Saturno of Boston University, lead author of a study in the journal Science, which reported the discovery on Thursday.

Discovered in the ruins of Xultun (SHOOL-toon) , the astronomical calendar was unearthed from a filled-in scribe’s room. While about 7 million Maya people still live in Central America today, the “Classic” Maya civilization of pyramid temples had collapsed there by about 900 A.D., leaving only a few birch-bark books dating to perhaps the 14th century as records of their astronomy, until now.


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