Illinois Thinks Women Are Farm Animals

Not content to insult women by suggesting they aren’t smart enough to understand what abortion is without the state mandating an ultrasound, the State of Illinois has the freakin’ audacity to pass the bill first in the HOUSE AGRICULTURE COMMITTEE.  Yes, women as brood mares.

Do women get it yet?  Do you understand that Republicans think you are ignorant children who need to be managed?  An Alaskan representative, appropriately named Alan Dick, wants to pass a bill requiring women to have permission slips from the father of the baby in order to obtain an abortion – regardless of the circumstances of the conception.

If you are a woman and you aren’t pissed off yet, you aren’t paying attention.

Illinois is still trying to pass a forced ultrasound bill, despite growing national opposition to legislators mandating expensive and unnecessary medical procedures all in the name of “protecting” women.

The Illinois bill at least underscores the level of respect conservatives place on women’s lives. They’ve passed it first through the House Agriculture Committee, the same committee that considers legislation regulating domestic farm animals.

Hear that women in Illinois? Your lawmakers think you’re cattle.

The offensively named “Ultrasound Opportunity Act” takes a two-pronged approach to shaming women. First, should a woman try and decline the “opportunity” to have the mandated ultrasound, she must do so in writing, on a state-provided form that would then be collected and stored for the state. Clinics and physicians would then be forced to track and report the number of women who refuse to be violated by the state.


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6 Responses to Illinois Thinks Women Are Farm Animals

  1. Wizcon says:

    So are they telling women they have to moo, neigh or squeal while they are being violated?
    This is all getting way out of hand

    Sage Reply:

    Can you believe the insanity of all of this? When I read this I was just stunned and thought at first it was an article from the Onion or something. It’s like a spirit of insanity has overtaken the GOP.

    Could they possibly be any more insulting?

  2. Wizcon says:

    Mixed messages in this bill. It is mandated but they can refuse by filling out a form?
    BTW the email addy I have for you is bouncing back.

    Sage Reply:

    Really? is it the sage@ or mountainsage@ email address?

  3. Wizcon says:

    Some good news today. Court ruled Oklahoma’s ultrasound bill as unconstitutional and AZ’s pending bill about employers being able to drop contraceptive coverage based on beliefs failed to pass.

    Sage Reply:

    That’s great news! thanks, I hadn’t heard about either.

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