Use Birth Control? You’re Fired!

These people have truly lost their minds.  Please click on the link below and send a message to the Arizona legislators.

Use Birth Control? You’re Fired!

Posted by Jennifer Dalven, Reproductive Freedom Project at 6:36pm

First, a bill that gives immunity to doctors who lie to couples about the results of their prenatal tests in order to prevent them from getting an abortion. Now, a bill that would give your boss the green light to fire you for using birth control. You think I am kidding? I wish. For a decade now, Arizona insurance companies have been required to provide coverage for contraception just like other prescriptions. But, because they saw an opening to score some political points, some politicians there are suddenly moving to take that coverage away from women and their families.

And we aren’t talking here just about exemptions for religiously affiliated employers like Catholic hospitals and universities. We are talking about authorizing secular, for-profit employers to deny a woman coverage for birth control if the employer doesn’t believe that she and her partner should be allowed to have sex without getting pregnant. Yup, that’s right. If the owner of the Taco Bell where you work opposes birth control, Arizona legislators want to give him a legal right to deny you insurance coverage for your pills.

Sadly, that isn’t even the half of it. You may want to sit down for this one. Arizona legislators know that whether or not her insurance covers it, a woman may get the prescription she needs to prevent an unintended pregnancy. They want to give her boss the right to control that too. The bill they are pushing would not only allow employers to take the insurance coverage away, but it would also make it easier for an employer who finds out that his employee uses birth control to fire her. You heard me right . . . to fire her. And I thought Rush Limbaugh’s comments were as low as you could go on this one.

The Arizona bill has, incredibly, already passed one house, but we can still stop it. We’ve seen what can happen if we make our voices heard. So, if you’ve had enough; if you think the decision about whether to have a child is one for you and your partner, not your boss and your senator, I urge you to speak up now. Tell the legislators in Arizona to stop playing politics with women’s health and put personal and private decisions back in the hands of a woman and her family.Use Birth Control? You’re Fired!.

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2 Responses to Use Birth Control? You’re Fired!

  1. 2fewfactsaround says:

    I keep feeling like I’m in an old horror film—you know, from years ago when ‘horror’ meant suspense from the actions of some sub-human species, not from bloody gore. Our latest sub-par species looks like old, rich and pasty-white human males, and they are trying to take over our world with their prehistoric ideas, just like in those old film plots. They certainly make me feel like screaming, but they’re going to find that we females no longer run away in panic, much less submission. We fight back. We fight back smart, and hard, and with little mercy for their out-dated ideas.

    Sage Reply:

    Lately I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone. I think some of these people have gone mad.

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