Video: Barack Obama United Auto Workers speech

I don’t always agree with the President but I agreed with the government stepping in and saving the auto industry.  He was right – the Republican naysayers were wrong.

I didn’t vote for Obama in 2008 but I will vote for him in 2012.  And I’ll say something I didn’t think I would ever say – damn, I like this President.

President Obama was fired up at the United Auto Workers conference today, speaking about the choice he made to bet on America’s auto industry—and why he knew we couldn’t just “let Detroit go bankrupt.”




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7 Responses to Video: Barack Obama United Auto Workers speech

  1. Wizcon says:

    He needs to do a better job of pointing out what he has achieved though.

    Sage Reply:

    Yes, he does. I think he will as the election year heats up. I have a graphic of the jobs added since he took office that I’ll post later.

  2. Melissa Caraway says:

    Thank you for putting a full video on line!!! you can’t find full video of it anywhere.

    Really appreciate it.


    Sage Reply:

    You’re welcome. I hope you will drop by again sometime!

  3. Genny says:

    I voted for Obama in ’08 and he definitely has my vote again this election! Thanks, Obama, for believing in the middle class of America!

  4. Debbie2 says:

    Hey, I’m in New Zealand and we think your President is outstanding. His speech to the Autoworkers Union yesterday conjures up the best of America. From an international point of view President Obama is the pragmatic, well-reasoned type of person we expect to see in the White House. I am certain there are areas where you believe he could have done better, but globally these are extremely challenging times, and thankfully Obama has exhibited the ‘cool head’ sort of thinking we have come to expect and appreciate. We are stunned at the pathetic behavior of the Republican candidates, particularly Romney, Santorum and Gingrich. Santorum’s “college” comments were unbelievable, and Romney is no better. Come November we are crossing our collective fingers for an Obama re-election.

    Sage Reply:

    You are correct – the alternatives to Obama are too frightening to be contemplated. While I think Obama is too conservative in some areas for me, overall I think he is doing a good job, especially with the disaster he was handed when he took office. He will have my vote and support!

    Thanks for reading and responding here.

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