GOP senators say they can advance collective bargaining bill without Democrats present

Strip the fiscal elements from the bill and it’s really just a union busting bill, isn’t it?  I thought busting the unions was never the intention?  Is it possible the Republicans LIED and all along the fight has been for them to do away with unions?  Yeah, that’s what many of us thought.

In a surprise move late Wednesday, Senate Republicans voted to move forward with the governor’s controversial budget repair bill, sending the measure to a Senate-Assembly conference committee to craft a new version that both houses will vote on.

Republican leaders would only say the Senate bill differed from the Assembly bill and, after voting to take up a couple of Assembly amendments, indicated it was possible that lawmakers could strip fiscal elements from the proposal and pass only measures dealing with collective bargaining.

Such a move could allow Republicans to pass the governor’s bill without the 20 Senate members needed to vote on fiscal matters. Currently 14 Democratic senators remain in Illinois, hiding out in an effort to deny the quorum and stall the vote.


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  1. Wizcon says:

    Man! I thought the recall efforts were in high gera already! Wait until tomorrow.
    There has been a facebook site collecting names of people that want to recall Walker when he is eligible next fall,
    They were over 100,000 this morning. Now they are reporting they are getting 8-10 a minute!/IloveWisconsin

    Locally, They have been collecting signitures to reacll Sen Dan Kapanke. They said they got a third of the way there in 2 days.!/pages/Recall-Dan-Kapanke/155767287810442

    If nothing else, look at these 2 sites and see how they organize. Really intriguing.

    Stick a fork in them, I think they are done.
    WI will have this chaos for a long time.

  2. timesr says:

    I am speechless.

  3. Wizcon says:

    People in Madison literally ran out of their houses, some without coats and ran to the capital. They are back in the building. Capital police backed off the security measure. The people were pounding on the windows and doors shoutling “Let us in”
    A United Wisconsin to recall Scott Walker web site has crashed from overload. They are now a PAC

    Sage Reply:

    Thanks for the update. It sounds like some people are seriously pissed off.

  4. Terri says:

    Stripping the fiscal portions of the bill simply validates that the collective bargaining issue was NEVER really to balance the budget.

    timesr Reply:


    Funny how Texas, where collective bargaining is not permitted, has the same problem with its budget.

    Wizcon Reply:

    @timesr, Indiana eliminated it in 2005. They are not doing so well either. Over and above the effects of the recession
    MSNBC reported last night that when the Republican sentators and Assemply left yesterday, they boarded a bus under esort and went straight to DC. I noticed, as they were filing out, that for the first time, WI state troopers were guarding them. They have not been visable through all this. Walker appointed the father of the 2 majority leaders as supervisor. Literally, the brown shirts appeared.

    timesr Reply:


    That sounds weird. What are they planning to do in DC? Are they forming a government in exile?

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