Shooter is Jared Loughner – YouTube video on his ‘last thoughts’

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From a MySpace search:

I think I found him on YouTube:


If this is the guy, he’s wacked.

Jared Lee Loughner: My Last Thoughts

From the video:

More videos:

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8 Responses to Shooter is Jared Loughner – YouTube video on his ‘last thoughts’

  1. AliSilver says:

    Im wondering if this guy had an actual grudge against HER personally or, it sounds more like, he had a grudge against the whole federal government and maybe just went to her because of location? IDK what a nut. And seriously how many 22 year olds favorote book is Mein Kampf?

    Sage Reply:

    I guess we will find out. He’s in custody, he’s alive and I bet he talks.

  2. skyagunsta says:

    About Mein Kampf … It is one of the books that Newt Gingrich holds dear and near to his heart and to his Bible on his night table, as per Newt Gingrich himself. There is a third book that goes along with those two on his night table but the name of that one I can’t remember.

  3. timesr says:

    Maybe if we had universal health care this guy would have gotten the treatment he obviously needed.

    Sage Reply:

    Isn’t that the truth. He was rejected by the army evidently but I can’t find out why.

    timesr Reply:


    In my unprofessional opinion, he’s a paranoid schizophrenic and was probably identified as such.

    Sage Reply:

    I think that’s a definite possibility.

  4. Tony773 says:

    I just hope undercover racist rants from tv host aren’t helping foster some of these peoples actions…This down economy & Obama elections have gotten alot of hate groups active. That was stated by a CIA agent on NPR. Crazy or not, people like him do REAL damage to people. I’m afraid that we maybe seeing more of this paranoia.

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