White Deer

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  1. timesr says:

    What elegant animals!

  2. Wizcon says:

    I saw one once. My Aunt and Uncle have a cabin in Boulder Junction. I had a tradition with my uncle when I visited. He would come and get me early in the morning (I slept on a screened porch) and we would go blueberry picking for pancakes later in the morning. The last time we went, he was well into the advanced stages of Parkinson’s and I was a 30 yr old mother. We snuck off and went off to one of the more easily accessable places we knew about. There she was, very visible against the green foliage. Eating our blueberries. Of course we did not have a camera.
    All my life I heard tales of the white deer but this was the first time I saw one.
    Later that morning a bear came out of the woods near us. My uncle’s legs worked fine for once. Thank God we had the car and not his horse and buggy!

    Sage Reply:

    Wow…that’s so neat that you’ve seen one. I had never heard of them and I found the video really interesting and wanted to share it. I thought a couple of days break from politics would be nice.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad you didn’t have the horse and buggy, too! Scary.

    Wizcon Reply:

    @Sage, That is a really neat area. On Saturdays the bears saunter thru town now and then on their way to the dump.Saturday, the dump was open for dumping.
    My Uncles family were lumber barrons and used to own Boulder lake.
    We can’t get to the cabin in the winter because the road winds around the trees. Plows can’t manuver it.
    Uncle Jacks horses were always named Apple Jack. We thought that was funny. The Amish trained the last one for the buggy when Jack couldn’t ride anymore.They also built him steps to get into the wagon.

    Sage Reply:

    You lead an interesting life, Wizcon! Why the name Apple Jack?

    Wizcon Reply:

    @Sage, I don’t know. I always thought it was for the benefit of the niece’s and nephews for a laugh. Uncle Jack/AppleJack. But then He always made us feel the world revolved around us when we were there. He had only one son and I was one of 2 nieces.
    He was a teacher/coach and lived in Racine during the school year. He would exercise someones Arabians there. I have a movie of him opening up on one of those. He was also a friend of Vince Lombardi, in fact they looked a lot alike especially when they had their hats on.
    In Boulder Junction he and my aunt used to help run some kind of summer camp for kids. One of those stay-away-from-home-most-of-the-summer things.One year, I once went up in May to help open the cabin and when he came out to greet me, he had a baby racoon stuffed in his shirt pocket. He found it in his chimney and mama never came back for it.
    I think everyone leads an interesting ,life. They just don’t always pay attention.

    timesr Reply:

    @Wizcon, “I think everyone leads an interesting ,life. They just don’t always pay attention.”

    Now that’s an interesting idea!

    Perhaps its the way you write about it and what you’ve paid attention to that makes your life particularly rich in wonderful and warm family memories.

    Wizcon Reply:

    @timesr, I have a life of metaphores. I will tell you one more family story. I had a great Aunt Edna who was a nurse in France during WW1. My mother and I took her to a vets hospital back in the late 50′s for a dr’s appt. Mom left me sitting with her (I was around 7 yrs old) while she went and did some paper work. Edna was nearly blind and I didn’t know it yet but my vision wasn’t so great either. Edna told me about how she studies people, the way they move and the way they sound to identify who they are. She said you can find out so much if you didn’t rely on just your vision for assessment. Then we practiced. She had me blur my eyes and we “watched” people. She pointed out that you cannot be dependent on one aspect to see the whole. Above all you must be patient.
    I found this handy in reading my Dad who is rather shy at times. But the crowd of full cotton skirts of Aunts, Great Aunts and Grandmothers along with their musings prove to be invaluable. The influence of family is immeasureable. Most of them are gone and those that are left are feeble. Now I am the storyteller.
    I have been asked to write it all. But I apparently need triggers like this.

    timesr Reply:

    @Wizcon, “I have been asked to write it all.”

    What a wonderful gift to give to your kids and grandchildren.

  3. AliSilver says:

    Holy Smokes, I haven’t been away too long.. I’m still signed on ! LOL These are too cool, tks for sharing. I miss you guys and never intended to NOT come in. It seemed like with holidays and everything I just forgot my routine a bit. :) :) Happy New Year

    Sage Reply:

    We missed you. Happy New Year to you as well! It’s good to know you are okay.

    Now, where the hell is 2fewfactsaround?

    timesr Reply:


    So happy to know you’re well.

  4. Wizcon says:

    My friend from high school, who is a poet and writer and also a stickler for detail points out that these deer are not true albiono’s but leucistic. You will have to google that. She reminded me of the true albino deer of Inverness, CA and near where we grew up. She also reminded me of the leucistic gopher she found and the fact she did not get on the 6:00 news with it.

    Sage Reply:

    I had to look up leucistic. Interesting, which would explain the white antlers.

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