House fails to pass $250 Social Security payment

Won’t you think of the CHILDREN?  Oh, please.  I’m so tired of the children excuse from the Republicans who had no trouble putting the cost of an illegal and unnecessary war on the backs of the children.  They have no problem in putting the cost of EXTENDING TAX BREAKS TO THE WEALTHY on their children.  We can’t have the wealthy unable to hoard more money (because God knows they aren’t spending it and creating jobs.)  Let the elderly eat cake, or cat food.

I’m so sick of the lying, hypocritical jackasses.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The House failed to pass a bill Wednesday that would have put a $250 check in the mail to 58 million Social Security recipients.

The measure was designed to provide a one-time payment to make up for another year without a cost-of-living adjustment to benefits.

The bill, which would cost about $14 billion, failed by a vote of 254 – 153.

The vote largely broke down along party lines, with 12 Democrats breaking ranks to join 141 Republicans in voting against the measure. Twenty-six Republicans voted in favor of the bill.

“While many seniors are hurting, so too are American working families,” said Rep. Sam Johnson, R-Texas. “Increasing our nation’s crushing deficit on the backs of our children by an additional $14 billion is wrong.”


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6 Responses to House fails to pass $250 Social Security payment

  1. skyagunsta says:

    Even if the $250.00 had passed, it would have been a joke. What were the democrats and OBANA trying to do? Assuage seniors, bribe them into believing they are the all God Giving creatures, the most charitable? Come on! Seniors like myself would have preferred, I am sure, our annual cost of living increase which we did not receive last year and are not receiving this year. What a joke!

    Sage Reply:

    The $250 was supposed to make up for the lack of a cost of living increase.

    skyagunsta Reply:

    @Sage, (O, $20.00 a month cost of living increase?!)

    Sage Reply:

    Yeah…sad, isn’t it?

    skyagunsta Reply:

    @Sage, It is …

  2. timesr says:

    00:09:10 – I should have mentioned this, the other day, yesterday, the great majority of republicans who want to reduce taxes from what’s currently scheduled under the bush law from 39% to 36%, costing tens of billions of dollars said we couldn’t afford to give every social securityful $250.

    00:09:32 – Do you want to give warren buffett $250?

    00:09:35 – They want to give buffet $250,000 in tax cuts, which to his credit, he said he didn’t want.

    Keith Olbermann, Countdown transcript

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