White House decries WikiLeaks

There must be some really embarrassing stuff for the government to put up such a fight about WikiLeaks.  I wonder if the release of the documents is really a national security danger or just a danger to big egos who are getting their mess ups exposed.  Unfortunately, all too often, the only thing that holds officials accountable are leaks from whistle-blowers.

White House decries WikiLeaks

The White House says WikiLeaks’ decision to release classified U.S. diplomatic files endangers U.S. diplomats, intelligence agents and democratic activists who seek America’s help.

The website has defied U.S. demands that it not publish the hundreds of thousands of documents. The material includes candid assessments of foreign leaders and governments.

The White House says such initial reporting is “often incomplete information” and doesn’t always shape final policy decisions.

The White House calls the release “reckless and dangerous” and counter to President Barack Obama’s goal of open and accountable government at home and around the world.


WikiLeaks: We are under denial of service attack

Whistleblower WikiLeaks said today its Web site has been targeted by a massive computer attack, just hours before an expected release of classified U.S. documents.”We are currently under a mass distributed denial of service attack,” WikiLeaks said on its Twitter feed. Efforts to reach the page as of this writing were unsuccessful.

The site released 75,000 confidential files on the war in Afghanistan in July and defied a series of warnings from the Pentagon and other government officials by releasing nearly 400,000 secret files from the Iraq war last month. In a Twitter post last week, the whistleblower site announced it was preparing to release its largest cache of classified documents.


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  1. Terri says:

    Two interesting posts over at Anglachel’s Journal argue that this may not have been the act of one PFC, but rather a, dare I say the word, “conspiracy.”


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