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CNN’s Anderson Cooper calmly destroys birther logic

I thought most people had moved on from this ridiculous argument, but I guess not. The Supreme Court once again refused to hear a case concerning Obama’s citizenship. SOURCE.

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Military can safely end ban on gays: study

I hope this study puts an end to the ridiculous argument over gays in the military.  It’s time to do away with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and to allow gays to serve as who they are.   There is nothing moral … Continue reading

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Willie Nelson Calls For National ‘Teapot Party’ After Arrest

Only Willie Nelson……the man who smoked pot on top of the White House. It shouldn’t be too hard to recruit members for the Teapot Party.  After all, 42% of Americans surveyed have tried pot at least once. CANNABIS CULTURE – … Continue reading

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White House decries WikiLeaks

There must be some really embarrassing stuff for the government to put up such a fight about WikiLeaks.  I wonder if the release of the documents is really a national security danger or just a danger to big egos who … Continue reading

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I’ll be back after the holiday.

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Firms See Long-Sought Goal in Sight: Major Pay Cuts Through Two Tiers

Is anybody surprised? The rich overlords from the big corporations have been complaining for awhile about Americans being too well paid. The outlines of a massive new structural downshift in wages are emerging more and more clearly. The largest wage-cutting … Continue reading

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Body scanner makers doubled lobbying cash over 5 years

How stupid does our government think we are? Evidently pretty stupid. This whole x-ray thing is nothing but a money making scam and the ‘pat downs’ being so intrusive will certainly cause many people to opt into getting the x-ray, … Continue reading

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Secretary of Transportation LaHood: We’re looking into technology to disable cell phones in vehicles

What’s next?  Will they take CD players out of cars or ban anyone talking to the driver in a car? Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said using a cell phone while driving is so dangerous that devices may soon be installed … Continue reading

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Special Underwear Makes Your Privates Invisible to TSA Scanners

LOL I’ve got nothing. Special Underwear Makes Your Privates Invisible to TSA Scanners Citizens, take heart: Even as our country falls under the total domination of our new TSA overlords, capitalism continues unabated. A Colorado man has developed undergarments with … Continue reading

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