Voting Backward – Keith Olberman Video

The truth is Keith Olberman isn’t one of my favorite reporters or commentators, but this time he hits the nail on the head. There is a lot at stake in the coming election……will we move forward as a country or return to the good old days that really weren’t very good at all? There are a number of themes that the Tea Party Republican candidates have latched onto, one of which is doing away with the Department of Education.

In VA one of the local candidates, Robert Hurt, Republican, has said we need to eliminate the Department of Education. I believe he said it’s purpose is unclear. Really? One would think that the title, Department of Education, speaks for itself.

The vision these Tea Party/Republicans have for the country is a scary one. No Dept. of Education, no unemployment benefits, no medicare, no social security, no automatic citizenship when one is born in the U.S……..nothing but big corporations taking over even more than they already have while the rich get richer and the not so poor join the ranks of the poor. What they want is a country where those who aren’t white, straight and male, know their place and that place isn’t at the banquet table set for the corporations and the rich.

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  1. skyagunsta says:

    So similar to that other country in the 1930s … Keith does a good job in bringing light to the second step in the coup d’etat that begun with the stealing of elections 2000 and 2004.

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