Video: Three Month Mott’s Strike Continues

Yeah boy, we can’t have those uppity workers actually getting ahead and making more than their counterparts in the area. We need to make sure they all stay in their place while the company makes a half a billion dollars a year.  After all $39,520 a year is exorbitant.   Tina Barry…SHAME ON YOU!

This caught my attention: “it’s something we have an obligation to address.What the F**!&$# does that even mean?  Address?  Don’t you mean change because you are greedy bastards?  A half a billion profit in a year isn’t enough?  How damn much is enough for you guys?  And speaking of which, Tina, how much do you make?

Labor Day 2010 finds a lot of American workers on the sidelines. The U.S. unemployment rate stands at 9.6 percent. There are five job seekers for every opening. And in many cases those who have jobs are being asked to take pay cuts even at healthy companies. CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano reports on a case in point in Williamson N.Y.

For more than three months, Michelle Muoio has been picketing the plant where she’s worked for 15 years – Mott’s apple juice in western New York.

Three hundred union members are locked in a heated dispute, symbolizing a new shift in the power struggle between management and labor in America.

Companies typically ask for labor concessions when they’re losing money. But Mott’s parent company, Dr. Pepper-Snapple -is making record profits of more than half a billion dollars a year. Yet workers are being asked to take a $1.50-an-hour wage cut – and a pension freeze.

The company argues that Mott’s workers earn far more than their counterparts in the area – an average of $19 an hour versus an area average of $14.

“When there’s a situation when you have wages and benefits out of line with the local market and industry norms, however difficult it may be, it’s something we have an obligation to address,” said Tina Barry, the company’s senior vice president for corporate affairs.

I haven’t been able to find out what Tina Barry makes (I’ll keep looking) but I did find this:

CEO Larry Young’s compensation has doubled since 2007 to $6.6 million. Management said it needs to get the pay down near the area wage of $14 per hour, around $30,000 per year, the same as the median in Rochester – where nearly half our children live in poverty.  For workers, Union or non-Union, this is about greed destroying the Middle Class.”


Interestingly enough, Dr. Pepper – Snapple seem to be worried about image:

In a recent press release Tina Barry, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs said, “By 2015, we plan to contribute a total of 100,000 volunteer hours and attain an annual giving level of $10 million in charitable cash donations, with the majority of support focused on fit and active lifestyles, environmental initiatives, community celebrations and emergency relief.”SOURCE

Um, if you can afford $10 million in charitable cash donations, why are you trying to cut the salaries of your employees?  Talk about giving with one hand and taking away with the other.

At Dr Pepper Snapple Group, we have a proud heritage of caring … for our consumers, our customers, our employees and our neighbors in the communities where we live and do business across North America and the Caribbean. This sense of caring is at the heart of our business, shaping our values and the importance we place on corporate social responsibility.SOURCE

Doesn’t that sound nice?  Why then, if you are so caring of your employees are you trying to cut their pay and pension?  Basically, this statement from you sounds like a bunch of corporate bullshit.

From our “better-for-you” options and our employee relief program to our efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations, DPS and our employees know that we must take ACTION to make our communities – and the world – better as a result of our presence. People often ask me about setting goals that some people say are too ambitious. To them I say that if you don’t shoot for the moon, you can’t come down with a handful of stars. SOURCE

You sir, are a hypocrite.  Maybe you could start to make communities and the world better by paying your employees well instead of trying to make sure they don’t make any more than anyone else in the area.  What about letting THEM come down with a handful of stars?

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4 Responses to Video: Three Month Mott’s Strike Continues

  1. timesr says:

    “‘it’s something we have an obligation to address.’ What the F**!&$# does that even mean? Address?”

    It probably means that she’s thinking how much bigger profits would be (and her compensation package) if production moves to China and employees are paid $0.60 an hour.

    Her job is corporate communications and compensation. My guess is that the decision “harmonize” (or some other euphemism for pay cut) employee pay with local standards has already been made and her job is to sell it as “good for you too”.

    I actually worked for a corporation that did that. Due to a restructuring that made no sense to anyone except those to thought it up, our department got the memos discussing the the difficulty and strategy for taking compensation away from employees.

    Then our department got the presentation outlining the new plan that began “We’re so excited…” as if we had never read the memos describing how we were going to be screwed.

    As for the hypocrite part – they know it and are hoping the community’s attention will be diverted by corporate communication’s smoke and mirrors.

    Sage Reply:

    ‘We’re so excited” ….they said that about cutting pay?

  2. AliSilver says:

    I don’t know what the answers are, but I know that many companies and communities are hurting like heck right now. City of Dallas had a major vote last week. The choices cut employees pay or raise taxes…..again… 1.5 cent tax rate. So they voted for the tax raise because city employees were screaming. Couple of days after the vote , they ended up cutting some city JOBS. So I don’t know enough about it but it seems like it was a rock and a hard place and still ended up with some people losing jobs. Then the folks who kept their jobs were consoling those who LOST their jobs completely and I just wonder if everyone had agreed to a ‘temporary’ pay cut, would that have helped save their friends’ jobs? I don’t know. But I know every day on the news now is a story about this city or that cutting out libraries, street lights turning off. ALL local swimming pools owned byy the cities of ft worth were closed all summer,,etc etc etc. SO it seems they are cutting all they can,, and then what do you cut next.

    Sorry this might have strayed off course . Surely if MOTTS has a half billion profit, they are not the same as the city of dallas or ft worth , who are in debt, with no profit.

    Sage Reply:

    There’s no doubt that cities and states are hurting, but few large corporations seem to be and Dr. Pepper/Snapple, the parent company to Motts certainly isn’t.

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