Small Earthquake Shakes Washington D.C. Area

Washington residents are used to politicians being its movers and shakers. On Friday, however, it was the earth below that shook.



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  2. DailyPUMA says:

    So, are you implying there are only “stupid pumas” by your avoidance of a blog roll link to “DailyPUMA” yet you have a link to stupid pumas?

    Sage Reply:

    I think the blog roll links speak for themselves, but since you don’t seem to get it, yes, that’s pretty much how I feel. I broke with them a long time ago when so many jumped on the Obama conspiracy theories bandwagon and/or started supporting a Republican…a stupid Republican at that. I think it’s petty stupid to support a Democrat like Hillary Clinton and then transfer that support to an idiot like Sarah Palin because she has a uterus.

    Stop leaving this message and do whatever you want to do about having my blog linked on DailyPUMA. I really don’t care.

    Is that clear enough?

  3. skyagunsta says:

    Lo and Behold! if only all earthquake damages were like the one posted here… the whole earthquake thing would be laughable! The factual truth is that when we look at places like HAITI we know earthquake damages can be and are darn well devastating depending on the force of the quake.

    Sage Reply:

    I agree. This picture just cracked me up though.

  4. 2fewfactsaround says:

    Thanks, Sage, for posting this picture. I laugh every time I look at it. I think it helps put things in perspective. Yes, earthquakes severe enough for us to hear about them in the news are usually horrible, so hearing about this very mild one in a place usually associated with the severe moving and shaking of political trash-talk is a welcome change.

  5. obotinchief says:

    @sage, my thoughts exactly about the puma, the stupids have wholeheartedly jumped full force onto the Palin, wingnut teabagger bandwagon, they have lost any bit of credibility they might have once had by throwing out Democratic principles in favor of the slash and burn politics of the Rethuglicans. That pic at the top is hilarious when combined with your headline!

    Sage Reply:

    I saw that headline and that picture together and cracked up. I always did have a strange sense of humor, I guess.

    I kept getting that message chastising me for having the link to Stupid Pumas so I finally let it through and answered it. I hope I made myself clear to the PUMA people how I feel.

  6. obotinchief says:

    Thanks for your support Sage, I truly wish there was no need for the stupidpuma blog, unfortunately that’s not the case and I fear that as long as Obama is in office, they will be around spreading their lies and I just cant let that happen without a rebuttal.

    Sage Reply:

    You’re welcome. I happen to agree with your sentiments.

    What I found odd was that Machi even had to ask me that question. I thought the fact I had a link to stupidpumas and that I don’t like to any PUMA sites was a dead giveaway. LOL

    The PUMAs jumped the shark a long time ago. I disassociated from them as soon as I saw so many of them jump on the McCain/Palin bandwagon and the birther bandwagon. Frankly, I think some of them were never Hillary Clinton supporters, but Republican disrupters trolling Liberal boards and blogs.

  7. DailyPUMA says:

    Sage, you PRETENDED to be a PUMA back in 2008. Now it comes out, the only PUMA, according to Sage, is a stupid one.

    Sage Reply:

    @DailyPUMA, Yep, that’s it. LOL Is that supposed to upset me?

  8. obotinchief says:

    You are absolutely right Sage, and Machi is one of the biggest Rethug trolls around.

    No DP, Sage was a true Puma, the rest that are left are just trying to play the part and are looking pretty damn stupid doing so.

    Sage Reply:

    I supported Hillary Clinton because I thought she was the best qualified to deal with the issues of the economy. I was unhappy with the way things went down in the Democratic Party especially the convention. BUT, to vote for McCain and Palin I would have to be way more than unhappy, I would have to have gone brain dead. The PUMA’s started all this crap about Sarah being a feminist (ROFLMAO) and McCain being better than Obama. They took over the message board I had for Hillary Clinton supporters and many joined hands with the birthers. The not so subtle racism came out and I didn’t want any part of the PUMAs after those things. I closed down the message board and scrubbed the blog of links to PUMA sites.

    So, yes, Machi, I think pretty much the only PUMA is a stupid PUMA.

  9. DailyPUMA says:

    Calling people who use their real names, thugs, while the ones doing the name calling don’t use their real names, pretty much says it all.

    Sage Reply:

    You know what, nobody gives a rat’s ass that you use your real name…….you’re so friggin’ proud of that and nobody else really cares. If that’s your biggest source of pride you have a pretty pitiful existence. And frankly, using your real name all over the Internet only proves my point……. IT’S STUPID.

    I never used my real name because I once posted a photo that was in a web account with my real name. A right-wing asshole stalked me by following the link and looking me up and threatening me because he didn’t like the fact I was liberal.

  10. DailyPUMA says:

    Yes, lets all be anonymous, that a real integrity builder. And you know the crap that has been said about Darragh Murphy on Stupid Puma’s. I guess its ok if its someone else being stalked, that you will support.

    Sage Reply:

    Somebody is threatening her? Really?

    LOL…while you’re bragging about using your real name you are logged in as Daily Puma.

    Using your own name on the Internet isn’t an integrity builder. It’s stupid. We teach kids not to do it but for some reason you are proud of it. Whatever. Go away.

  11. DailyPUMA says:

    I will go away since you asked. I just want to clarify that I only bring up the issue of the name when a nameless person attacks me and uses my name in their attack, but not theirs. That is the epitome of how Barack Obama supporters operate.

    You, a PUMA, not ever, even though you apparently claimed to have been one at one point.

    Sage Reply:

    I’m so brokenhearted. LOL

  12. obotinchief says:

    For the record “All that crap” is based on her own words and facts. Neither I nor anyone else from SP has ever threatened Murphy, I cant say the same for your friends. She is a public figure who has been on TV multiple times and run’s a PAC with information available to the public, she chose this role, no one outed her…Stalking? Reading a blog and commenting on it doesn’t constitute stalking, If I took my ass up the coast to MA and followed her around, that would be stalking, and I have no interest in doing that, why would I? You and you Palin loving, teabagger friends have your opinion and we have ours, it’s as simple as that, now do like Sage requested and go away, and again, for the record, nobody cares about your real name, really they don’t, so get over yourself.

    Here is a link explaining how DailyPumas friends relentlessly stalked Kevin and others from rumproast including myself and bigotbasher, Machi played an active role in trying to out everyone involved which resulted in threats of real violence against the victims and their family members;

  13. AliSilver says:

    Heheh, Sage? a Palin lover? You don’t get over to this blog much ! :)

    Sage Reply:

    @AliSilver, I think the Palin lover comment was for DailyPUMA.

  14. obotinchief says:

    AliSilver Reply:
    July 20th, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    @Sage, Am I losing it ”

    Haha, I think Ali is losing it, just kidding Ali, actually the comment was for Daily Puma as I would never think such a thing of Sage. I know Sage has been under attack by DailyPuma and was just defending her and the accusations against me of stalking Murphy. This blog has and is a daily read for me for well over a year as I enjoy Sage’s insight.

    Sage Reply:

    Thanks and back at ya!

    Part of what went so horribly wrong with the PUMAs is it became about personalities. Too many people were getting off on a little bit of celebrity.

  15. DailyPUMA says:

    lol, so now you are deleting my comments. That is rich. Does the term ethically challenged mean anything to you?

    Sage Reply:

    Does the term idiot mean anything to you? I asked you to go away and you said you would. I guess you have a problem with living up to your word. Now, let me say it again, GO AWAY. Anything else you post will be deleted.

    You addressed the previous comments and you have no need to continue to post here. Frankly, YOU slandered obotinchief and then attacked me as well. I asked you to go away, you said you would and you aren’t going to continue to fan the flames here.

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