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God vs. Gays by guest author AliSilver

Many years ago I saw the sign some overly enlightened Christian man was holding up at some sort of rally or protest that read “God Hates Fags”. While it’s clearly not a laughing matter, I could not help but chuckle … Continue reading

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Arizona Immigration Law: Judge Susan Bolton Blocks Parts of SB 1070

I think it was pretty obvious from the beginning that the courts would not uphold the AZ Immigration Law.  Immigration enforcement is in the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.  I’m sure we will see appeals and a lot more wrangling … Continue reading

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U.S. audit finds Pentagon can’t account for $8 billion in Iraqi funds

Is the whole government completely incompetent? Reporting from Baghdad — The Defense Department is unable to properly account for $8.7 billion out of $9.1 billion in Iraqi oil revenue entrusted to it between 2004 and 2007, according to a newly … Continue reading

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ON DRIVING! by guest author AliSilver

My niece who is 18 just got her learner’s permit at her mom’s insistence. I wonder if this is a growing trend. When I was 14, my dad and I took a trip. Somewhere outside of Shreveport, La., we pulled … Continue reading

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Seizure of US Ranches in Laredo TX by Los Zetas Narco-Trafficers Untrue, Laredo City Official Hector Garcia Affirms

I don’t know how this story got started and how it managed to go viral on the Internet without confirmation, but it did and it has. The best information I can find indicates that the story is untrue. I’ll keep … Continue reading

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Rush: The poor white farmer

Rush really needs to get his facts straight. The poor white farmer said that Sherrod helped him save his farm. This whole thing got blown out of proportion by people trying their best to prove just how poor white people … Continue reading

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Full video vindicates Sherrod, destroys Breitbart’s accusations of racism

I think Sherrod should sue Breitbart and Fox News and the Obama administration should be ashamed of themselves.  Why the hell would they believe anything Fox News has to say? The NAACP has posted the video of Shirley Sherrod’s March … Continue reading

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Is Ground Zero and the surrounding areas really ‘sacred ground’?

First of all, the proposed site isn’t a cemetery and it is 2 blocks away from Ground Zero.  The issue I want to address, though, is whether or not Ground Zero and the surrounding areas are ‘sacred ground’. I’ve read … Continue reading

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We destroy everything in sight

This is basically the same argument I have made.  Global warming or not, we still need clean air, water and food sources to survive. We destroy everything in sight Glenn Peters Peters, of Roanoke, is retired from CSX Corp. in … Continue reading

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Small Earthquake Shakes Washington D.C. Area

Washington residents are used to politicians being its movers and shakers. On Friday, however, it was the earth below that shook. SOURCE. Damage:

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