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The next Catholic abuse scandal: Crimes against women

Enough already from these perverts parading around as religious people.  If the Catholic Church won’t or can’t clean it’s house then the law needs to do it for them. We now know that the sex abuse crimes involving Catholic clergy … Continue reading

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Anger builds over Arizona law

I’m sorry if the articles on the Arizona immigration law are boring, but it’s an issue near and dear to me.  We have family and friends back in Arizona and we used to live there. I honestly believe the main … Continue reading

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Judge Napolitano: Immigration law will ‘bankrupt the Republican Party’

I agree with Napolitano.  The immigration law in AZ will be a fiscal nightmare.  The lawsuits, the law enforcement of the immigration law, cost of jailing illegal immigrants, etc. will swamp an already strained budget. After Fox News analysts spent … Continue reading

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