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President Obama stands by new drilling plan

As a Virginian I can’t say I’m very happy about new oil exploration going on off the coast of Virginia.  I think new oil exploration is one issue Obama has wrong. President Barack Obama on Friday stood by his plans … Continue reading

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Crime stats test rationale behind Arizona immigration law

It’s interesting that crime rates have fallen in Arizona but crime was one of the biggest rationales behind the immigration law. (CNN) — High levels of illegal immigration and crimes committed by unauthorized immigrants are among the key rationales cited … Continue reading

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Arizona sheriff says he won’t enforce new immigration law

PHOENIX – An Arizona sheriff is the latest person to speak out about the state’s new immigration legislation, saying he does not plan to enforce the divisive law. Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik calls Senate Bill 1070 a ‘stupid law’ that … Continue reading

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Video: The White Supremacist Roots of Arizona’s Immigration Law

No, nothing racist about the Arizona immigration bill, except for the people who helped to write the bill.  Oh, and the governor who scrubbed the voter rolls of Hispanics. By CHARLES JOHNSON Rachel Maddow uncovers the people behind Arizona’s new … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Protects Doctors Who Lie to Patients

Aren’t these assholes the same people who scream and yell about the government staying out of their health care?  But it’s perfectly fine for them to insinuate their hypocritical selves into a woman’s health care. Is lying to a patient … Continue reading

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Note to Mountain Sage Blog regular commentators

Spammers are now using a new tactic to get their comments posted.  They are copying posts from other people who comment here regularly and posting them.  Sometimes I don’t catch that. If your comment is copied and posted by someone … Continue reading

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Behind the Arizona Immigration Law:GOP Game to Swipe the November Election

Greg Palast has done amazing work on investigating the Florida voter roll purges, so I have no reason to disbelieve his assertions about AZ and it’s governor.  I am not the least bit surprised to find out Brewer has been … Continue reading

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Partisanship Stalls Out Formal Debate on Financial Regulation

Why are Republicans obstructing even a discussion about financial regulation overhaul?  The party has already been referred to as the party of no and now they are going to try and prevent meaningful financial reform?  Good luck with that. Financial … Continue reading

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The next Catholic abuse scandal: Crimes against women

Enough already from these perverts parading around as religious people.  If the Catholic Church won’t or can’t clean it’s house then the law needs to do it for them. We now know that the sex abuse crimes involving Catholic clergy … Continue reading

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Anger builds over Arizona law

I’m sorry if the articles on the Arizona immigration law are boring, but it’s an issue near and dear to me.  We have family and friends back in Arizona and we used to live there. I honestly believe the main … Continue reading

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