Starbucks supports anti-marijuana lobbying efforts

You can go to the link below to send a message to the CEO of Starbucks.  How hypocritical for the alcohol industry to sponsor anti-marijuana initiatives.   Why in the world would Starbucks get involved in this?

According to recent reports, law enforcement groups are meddling in Colorado’s legislative process in hopes of rolling back the state’s progress toward a safer, more rational approach to marijuana. In fact, a bill that would shut down all medical marijuana dispensaries in the state and allow them to continue harassing medical marijuana patients has been introduced on behalf of the law enforcement community, which is now leaning on legislators to support it.

Perhaps even more unsettling is the source of the financial support behind the Arrest and Prosecution Industry’s war on marijuana. In particular, the group spearheading anti-marijuana lobbying efforts — the Colorado Drug Investigators Association (CDIA) is sponsored by several local and national businesses, including Starbucks Coffee, Glock handguns, and — you guessed it — members of the alcohol industry! It is clear that these guys are not out to protect people; they’re out to continue harrasing marijuana users and ensure that alcohol — the substance that contributes most to the crime and violence that keeps them busy — is the only legal recreational drug available.

By giving your business to Starbucks and these other companies, YOUR money is supporting the CDIA’s shady anti-marijuana lobbying effort!


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