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Amanda Knox sobs as guilty verdict read

From what I’m hearing on CNN and according to a special on this case I saw a couple of months ago, there is a lot of room for doubt concerning Amanda Knox’s guilt.  Rudy Guede was found guilty of this  … Continue reading

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Unemployment rate falls to 10 percent

How is unemployment in your area?  Are more jobs showing up in the Help Wanted ads?  While the fact unemployment didn’t go up is good news, I’m not ready to celebrate yet. The U.S. unemployment rate edged down to 10 … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Goes ‘Birther’ (VIDEO)

Officials from the State of Hawaii have confirmed Barack Obama’s birth certificate as being on file in Hawaii and that he is a U.S. citizen, so just what part of the “birther” discussion is fair game, Sarah?  Her nuttiness just … Continue reading

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Nuns offer $193 million for child abuse cases

Why aren’t these child abusers in jail in addition to the financial compensation?  Where’s the justice in allowing them to buy their way out of their abuse?  And I don’t think their regret will help those damaged by their abuse.  … Continue reading

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