Video: Jon Stewart catches Sean Hannity doctoring a report

“The Daily Show,” which has become one of the media’s prime monitors when it comes to calling out misuse or manipulation of video, caught the Fox News Channel and one of its hosts, Sean Hannity, Tuesday night, in what appeared to be a blatant example of doctoring a report with inappropriate video to enhance an argument. SOURCE

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  1. taoofterri says:

    There’s something that bothers me about this, and maybe I’m just being incredibly picky, but I question why this “gotcha” was done by a comedic commentary program and not by mainstream media. What Fox did was a major breach of journalistic ethics (as if they actually had any ethics to begin with) and sometimes I think when it’s Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert who highlight, broadcast and make jokes about issues like this, it diminishes the importance of the issue. Now, I know that MSM no longer engages in hard news, but it still bothers me.

    Sage Reply:

    I think it was picked up by some news organizations AFTER The Daily Show picked up on it and reported on it.

  2. Wizcon says:

    Perhaps because it starts a adolescent mudslinging war. By posting 3rd party comments, they deflect responsibility. They get a lot of viewers by playing to their beliefs, especially the “newsworthy” fringe. It’s not their ethics but those who they are reporting on.
    After all Bachman and others claimed the 20-40,000 range.
    Hannity has admited this happened and apologized. He also thanked Stewert and his writers for watching his show.
    It is all political agenda. Fair and balanced means presenting the “other side”. These news shows need each other. It’s the ulimate reality show where sucess is dependent on the other players actions.

  3. timesr says:

    Apparently Hannity figures his audience is too brain dead to notice little things like trees and sky.

    Sage Reply:

    This kind of thing is fairly common to Fox. I’ve noticed that a number of times when a Republican gets in trouble, Fox will put a (D) behind his/her name when reporting on it.

    Wizcon Reply:

    @Sage, Hadn’t notice that. Amazing! I know they have been called on patching snippets of comments by Democrats (mostly) so they they deliver a completely different message. They go back in time to get what they want. They did it to Joe Biden about a month ago.

    Sage Reply:

    I remember seeing screen captures of Fox showing Mark Foley, for one, with a (D) behind his name. There were two or three others but I don’t remember the names right now.

    I still have a cold and my head is foggy.

    Wizcon Reply:

    @Sage, Just took soup over to my neighbor. She has been battling one for a week now. She told me tonight she was going to try to go to work tomorrow.

    Sage Reply:

    I’ve just been drained of all energy. I actually slept for about 10 hours, two nights in a row and that’s really unusual for me. I’m usually lucky to get 6 or 7 hours.

    That was nice of you to take your neighbor soup.

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