Around 40 Dems line up against federal abortion funding in healthcare bill

I so disagree with stripping abortion provisions from health care reform legislation.  If we are to stand for the idea that government shouldn’t interfere with the doctor/patient relationship, then we should not support legislation that would remove provisions for A MEDICAL PROCEDURE i.e. abortion from the bill.

If we trust women enough to procreate and care for an infant then I think we need to trust them with the decision on having a child.  I’m really sick of the moralizing and judgmentalism surrounding the medical procedure of abortion.

Yes, I can already hear the arguments of “I don’t want my tax dollars paying for abortion” to which I can only say tough….I don’t want mine paying for war and torture but they have.

Approximately 40 House Democrats are prepared to block healthcare reform legislation from coming to the floor should the bill include federal subsidies for abortions, said Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) Friday.

Stupak, who is conservative on social issues, told CNS News that he has organized the voting bloc to support his amendment that would strip the abortion provisions from the legislation. House Rules Committee chairwoman Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.), according to Stupak, said that there is “no way” her panel would provide a vote for his amendment.

The group of 40 would join House Republicans in voting against procedural measure that would draft rules for debating the bill on the House floor. Passage of the measure is necessary for the House to hold a floor vote.

“There’s about 40 like-minded Democrats like myself — we’ll try to take down the rule,” Stupak said. “If all 40 of us vote in a bloc against the rule — because we think the Republicans will join us — we can defeat the rule. The magic number is 218. If we can have 218 votes against the rule, we win.”


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  1. timesr says:

    Off on a tangent here -

    I received the following email

    “Dear Supporter,

    Have you heard of Peggy Robertson? After having her second child, her insurance company required that she get sterilized if she wanted to receive health insurance. Peggy fought back, and testifed before Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s committee hearing this month on how insurance companies discriminate against women.1

    Members of Congress heard about it. The media reported on it. But we wondered, do our friends, family and neighbors realize how insurance companies have turned being a woman into a pre-existing condition?”

    Weird country we live in.

    Sage Reply:

    That’s absolutely ridiculous. Requiring a woman to be sterilized to receive insurance??? And people are worried about the government getting between them and their doctor? What about insurance companies?

    timesr Reply:

    @Sage, “And people are worried about the government getting between them and their doctor? What about insurance companies?”

    That’s part of the Conservative position that never made sense to me. I guess its okay if an insurance company gets in the middle because its private and for profit.

    Sage Reply:

    Yep. And if one supports bans on abortion they are definitely voting for the government to involve itself in medical decisions.

    Wizcon Reply:

    @timesr, This may sound ludacris but would the insurance company cover the sterilization?

    timesr Reply:


    I don’t know.

    Here’s more information

    I love the name of the insurance company, “Golden Rule”.

    Wizcon Reply:

    The last insurance I had was Golden Rule, Yes they arbitrarily change the rules to make gold for them selves. I fired them

  2. skyagunsta says:

    politicians, politics, insurance companies, are just a train run amock with power. they have turned the whole landscape around: we thought we owned them since we could once upon a time before the advent of the voting machines vote them out of office. now they own us they are so confident that the bushes blue print for stealing elections and diebold machines can keep them in power no matter what that they stopped caring. they own us. we do not own them.

  3. Wizcon says:

    Forget the pre existing conditions. Women are handicapped in all aspects of life despite our advances in the last 40 yrs. We are “special”. We have special laws for our rights. As far as health benefits are concerned, we have a handicapped parking permit at the far end of the parking lot.

    Sage Reply:

    And politicians seem to think they the right to decide what we should and shouldn’t do when it comes to reproducing. The religious right seems to believe it has some kind of vested interest in each and every uterus in the country.

    Sage Reply:

    You know how blacks have claimed they get tickets for “driving while black?” Well, women get penalized for living while female.

  4. Wizcon says:

    Adding insult to injury, They charge us more for our premiums

    I am willing to bet they are rueing their decision to be so forceful in their decision to lobby against health reform. The writing is on the wall.

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