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Public option gets a boost

In spite of the almost constant lies about a public option health insurance plan (remember death panels?); millions of dollars spent by insurance companies to lobby against a public option; and threats of higher premiums,  57 percent of those polled … Continue reading

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Mexico’s pink taxis cater to fed-up females

Ok, maybe the pink and the beauty kits are a bit over the top but pink cabs shouldn’t leave a lot of doubt as to who they are intended for. I love the general idea….women find employment and help other … Continue reading

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Video – Jon Stewart Takes On 30 Republicans Who Voted Against Franken Rape Amendment

One would believe that there is one thing that everyone could agree is unacceptable and that is rape.  Anyone who perpetrates the heinous crime of rape should be dealt with in a court of law, not in some ridiculous corporate … Continue reading

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