Obama poll on Facebook

Really?  A poll on Facebook asking if the President of the United States should be killed?  Why in the world has this poll been left up for over a month?

The poll has been removed from Facebook, which was the real goal in posting this, so I have removed the screen shot.

Polls on Facebook | The obama Poll.

Hat tip to The Political Carnival

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8 Responses to Obama poll on Facebook

  1. Wizcon says:

    Call me paranoid but he syas he call the secret service or is he advertising it?

    Sage Reply:

    I almost didn’t post it for that very reason, but I decided I would hoping that the more exposure it got the more pressure there would be on Facebook to remove it and to monitor the polls they allow.

  2. AliSilver says:

    Wiz,, u get up too early !

  3. Wizcon says:

    Stressful day at work on Friday that carried on thru to about a half hour ago. Literally made myself sick by last night but got it done.
    That was 3:47am my time. Woke up in the recliner with my hands on the keyboard LOL

    Sage Reply:

    I’m sorry things were so stressful you got sick. That sucks!

    I didn’t get to sleep until 8:00 a.m. I just woke up.

    Wizcon Reply:

    Could have been the Bratwurst.Gotta have the Saurkraut on it. It’s Oktoberfest here this week and they are selling them all over the place!

  4. AliSilver says:

    You’ve got to sleep. If you came across the flu bug right now you would be sick in bed for days with it. Your system cannot fight off illness when it’s depleted !
    Here’s what my mom says next ….”take the phone off the hook and go to bed ”’! “:)

  5. Wizcon says:

    I usually do sleep well. At least make it to the couch. This was an unusual set of circumstances with a deadline. Everyone else that I needed to work with on it took off for the weekend. Couldn’t get ahold of anyone!

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