What’s in a Name? by guest author AliSilver

head to headAre you a Democrat or a Republican? Maybe a small handful of you are Libertarians or Constitutionalist!  Maybe you don’t associate yourself with either party and maybe you don’t vote or watch the news ……ever. If this is true of you, then you are likely far happier than the rest of us.

The last several years have brought many highs and lows in the world and in politics in the US and abroad. I find the study of it fascinating and frustrating at the same time. What does it mean to be a Dem. or a Rep.? Does it mean you follow blindly your party and your candidate wherever they may go? I’ve been thinking for a long time now that none of us are either. I’ve been thinking that the 2 ‘parties’ ( don’t even get me started on why we call them parties, which implies that they are fun, when the exact opposite is closer to the truth) have played into our innermost thoughts and value systems and they USE us for THEIR goals and we , the little man, gain nothing by our association with them.

In order to really, truly understand what I’m saying you will have to DROP any bias or love of your professed ‘party’ just for a few minutes to follow where I’m going. It might be painful , but I think the end result will be worth it.

In the last presidential election…..who did we really have to vote for? Was there a great person with years of experience, a stellar record of making great choices, a undeniable champion of the people, a person that had taken DC by storm and shook it up and made ‘change’, a person who the troops looked up to and supported, a person that other nations had respect for ???????? Anything? Anyone?

Not Bush

The last election was about , for lack of a better term, ‘not Bush’. Would you agree? The Dems had a smooth talking , friendly, dynamic candidate,,, who by the way, was ‘not Bush’. The Reps had a man who most Reps that I’ve talked to over the last 8 years, could NOT stand. So, the Dems voted for ‘not Bush’, and the Reps voted merely for ” not Bush,,,,,,,,,not”. Do you see? No one thought Mccain was a viable candidate.

Now, at this point, let me qualify a bit of this before the bashing starts. I am a life time Conservative and have voted as such, UNTIL the last election. Now I am in complete disillusion as to what or who to vote for and as I sit here today I can say with much honesty…….. I will likely NOT vote again. We , as a nation, were suckered into thinking that ‘not bush’ and ‘not bush…not’ were actual CHOICES.

It’s like going to the buffet and seeing a glorious spread of scrumptious foods and being told you can choose from the rotten egg salad OR the over ripe banana pudding! NOT A CHOICE! I think if you are honest with yourself, you know this is true. And NO I am not comparing either candidate to either of those food choices. Just the point of choosing when neither choice is acceptable.

So , Yes , Bush had to go and someone HAD to be president. Of course, we have to have a president! This much is clear. In this election, the Reps lost and I hope that they realize the reason they lost is because they presented a candidate who had nothing going for him that anyone WANTED to sit in the Oval Office. It is an office of high regard and should be filled by someone qualified with experience and integrity and not just because he is ‘not bush…not’! So to me it’s completely unacceptable.

Why did you vote as you did?

Now, at this point, we have to ask ourselves why did we vote the way we did ? Is it because we believed in the candidate that our ‘party’ presented us with? Well, I know for a fact a HUGE number of Dems wanted Hillary. That was not an option. So I wonder did they vote for Obama? And if so, was it just because he was the Dem nominee……. or ‘not bush’ ?

What makes us vote for our party even when they give us non viable candidates? Think about this question long and hard for a minute, please ! My guess , from my own heart and from talking with others , is that it is a mixture of 2 things. One reason is the issues that we believe strongly in and which pulled us to one party or the other. The other reason is a hatred for the other party! Now why do we hate the other party? Is it really the issues or is more of it the personalities in the other camp? I think it is a mix of both. Which leads to the next question. Why do we hate the other side so much? Is it really that ‘they’ threaten our way of life? Do they cause us to NOT be able to live how we want or do what we want?

Leaders vs. Voters

Here we must draw a huge line of distinction between the other party’s VOTERS and the other party’s LEADERS. Don’t we all have friends and family who are both, dems and reps? Do you get along better with your same party as yourself friends ? I don’t ! I have friends who are very EXTREMELY opposite of me and we’ve been friends for years and years and it’s never once caused a stir or argument. In fact we have looked forward to Saturday nights when we could have a 6 pack and debate politics all night. NEVER has it been unfriendly or erupted into a spat! This may or may not be your experience. But let me tell you what my friends and I have in common, regardless of our party affilitation. We all KNOW that neither party truly represents US and our needs when they sit on their high horse i n DC. We never really for a second thought that a little person we never met would go carry our voices to the masses.

The 2 parties in this country rely on your good conscious and what you feel is right and true to sucker you in to their ‘camp’. When a very emotional and personal issue like abortion is a determining factor in who you vote for…………. you have been completely hoodwinked. In my mind the more personal the issue, the easier it is for you to feel aligned with one party or the other.

The Abortion Issue

Sage and I were discussing abortion a few months ago and that is when I started thinking about writing this piece. It was clear from our histories that our thoughts on abortion were formed FAR before we were voting for anyone! Our own feelings on the ‘political issue’ of abortion had nothing to do with either party or their platform. Yet I feel that I may have gravitated more toward the rep. party partially because of the party’s view on abortion. But when I really THINK about it, abortion and politics are incompatible. Do you think the GOP really cares who has abortions or who doesn’t? NO NO NO! There is no way they can care. But a full half of the country lines up with the GOP every voting season to vote for the pro life candidate. At the same time, the GOP demonizes the DEM for their pro choice stance. SO,here is where I have bad news for the DEMS. They too, don’t care who can get an abortion or who cannot.

It is a dividing issue that clearly draws a line down the center of the population and sends us to the voting booth that best describes our thoughts and beliefs. Beliefs that were almost certainly established BEFORE you were old enough to vote ! Is a 12 year old unwed pregnant girl a Democrat? She does not give 2 craps about politics, does she? But your party would have you believe this is a POLITICAL issue. It just IS NOT! So, you see, I am frustrated that so many of us have bought hook, line and sinker into the party’s talking points. We may have forgotten to use common sense and love of our neighbors and rely too heavily on the parties to ‘carry our voices’ to DC. Here is what our elected party officials carry to DC, our vote! That’s all.

What the Heck is He Doing?

How many times have you voted for someone to turn around a year or 2 later and exclaim ‘WHAT THE HECK IS HE DOING”.? Both sides are in touch with this emotion. If a full 50% of the nation is angry at all times, then they will vote for their party in the next election! 50%, give or take a few, is always the ‘losing’ side or the ‘minority’. They spend the next 4 to 8 years figuring out how to not be the loser in the next election. But it does not seem like the voters and the leaders of the losing party are thinking the same thing at ANY POINT. They think ‘oh we’ve got to win and get what’s his name out of office’. Shouldn’t they really be thinking ” oh we’ve got to find a REAL distinguished respectable candidate’ . If things were great and you were never upset with the sitting party, would you bother to go vote in November? Probably not. If things were great, you would just enjoy status quo for another 4 years, wouldn’t you ? But if your party told you for 4 years how BAD the elected opposite party was, and you got good and pissed off , you would be first in line on election day. I mean, really, wouldn’t you? Haven’t you been first in line because you were so mad about the last 4 or 8 years?

The saddest part is the 2 parties have made us, the voters, their little torch carrying minions. They have caused us to say horrible things to each other in THEIR name. Keeping half of us hating the other half is a pretty lucrative business for them. I don’t look for them to stop it any time soon. So, in short, don’t fall for it! Don’t hate the other party’s voters. It’s a giant game of smoke and mirrors and we are the pawns. Demand good candidates or DON’T VOTE ! ( I voted this past year, NONE OF THE ABOVE) I refuse to vote for McCain because he was ‘not bush – not’. Thats just not GOOD enough. He was  not qualified to hold the seat! No matter who he ran against, he was not qualified in my opinion. He did not fill my standards requirements! I will not vote for a ‘lesser of two evils’.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Guess what folks?
They have DIVIDED us!
A DIVIDED house will fall!
And you know what comes next….
We are falling as we speak ! :(
OMG all, sorry it was so long!

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8 Responses to What’s in a Name? by guest author AliSilver

  1. Wizcon says:

    I have had the feeling that we are somehow being manipulated. The number one culprit is the cable news programs focusing broadcasting
    on the negative or sensational. The sides make heros of whatever news celebrity that takes sides in their reporting. Opposing news casters treat the opposition as fools. For example, if you look hard for it, there have been really large rallies for pro health reform which went virtually unreported in the more mainstream media. What comes out of this is the phrase “the majority of Americans….”
    Discourse on the state of our Union is patriotism. We care enough to talk about it. No one party holds the title of true Patriots. This is one thing that irks me. The statement of true patriots do this or that. That those with opposing views are some how unpatriotic. Not true.
    If anything, we are the minions of big business. They have to realize that they can’t drive their profits based on credit whether it be us or them taking out credit. Right now, that is slowly changing. People are saving more and living withing their means more. Once the citizens have more contol over their personal lives financially, they will be heard more clearly.
    For now it doesn’t seem to be for the people because something has to change in the corporate world, including running the government and setting costs with the attitude of take this or leave it. Well guess what, they are feeling the pinch because we can leave a lot of it.

  2. Wizcon says:

    An Addendum- Decreased spending does give voice with the government as well, Wisconsin newspapers are reporting a 4% decline in slaes tax revenue. Thats about 4 billion out of the state coffers.

  3. timesr says:

    Florence Kennedy said, “We’re all being fed chocolate covered sh!t and then wonder why everybody else’s breath is so bad”.

  4. Sage says:

    I agree with much of what you said, Alisilver with a couple of exceptions.

    This last election I voted for Ralph Nader for a number of reasons, one being I thought the Democratic primaries were handled very poorly and were full of sexism.

    I have no illusions that either party particularly cares about us although I think there are a few politicians who do dedicate their lives to doing good things. While imperfect on a personal level, Ted Kennedy’s devotion to the cause of helping the underprivileged and disabled is inarguable.

    I think Jim Webb of Virginia may be another politician who actually accomplishes some good for the country but it’s a little early to tell.

    I’ve voted for Republicans in the past as well as Democrats but given the turn to what I consider the far right I doubt I’ll vote for any Republican any time soon. I don’t, however, consider myself a Democrat so much as I consider myself a liberal. I don’t trust campaign rhetoric and never have and I certainly don’t trust the media to make my decisions for me.

    I get what you are saying and I do think some people identify greatly with the party of their choice but I also think some people identify with the ideals attributed to a given party more than the politicians attached to the party.

    As for the Pledge of Allegiance, that’s a whole different post for me. I don’t agree with a pledge to a country, party or politician. I think it’s akin to idolatry.

  5. AliSilver says:

    Interesting take on the pledge…….I think I like it actually !
    Really the main reason for that is the INDIVISIBLE aspect and how very very far away we are from indivisible. It is , in fact, the only place you ever hear that word. Perhaps DIVIDE AND CONQUER would be more appropriate. I just think we’ve gotten so wrapped up in the he said, she said of our parties that we’ve forgotten we are much more ALIKE than different. We all have to work and sweat and cry and laugh and provide for our families. Whether we do that with dirty hands of manicured hands, we all do IT !
    You know what I notice about the folks who don’t vote and don’t watch the news and don’t have a clue what’s going on? It doesn’t MATTER what’s going on in DC if you just don’t think about it. They are truly blissfully ignorant. I think I would give anything I had to go back to being 17 and not caring a thing about politics,, LMAO. All it’s brought me is dissatisfaction and a headache! :)

    Sage Reply:

    I was involved even as a teenager. It must be in my blood.

  6. AliSilver says:

    Also, I’m not at all saying I will never ever vote again. But I will NOT vote for the candidate of last resort, or the lesser of 2 evils. Give me a candidate I can be PROUD to vote for and I will go. In the meantime it’s worth my 15 minutes and 2 bucks in gas to tell them I don’t like any of their candidates. A vote for none of the above speaks more than not voting at all.

    Sage Reply:

    That’s always an option and I respect that choice.

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