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Bob McDonnell Drops F-Bomb On Radio (AUDIO)

The Republican family values Virginia gubernatorial candidate, ( who holds a degree from Regent University), Bob McDonnell, drops the f word on a radio show. Let me just say that the word itself doesn’t particularly offend me, the hypocrisy does … Continue reading

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States Allow the Equivalent of Death Panels

I wish I could tell you which states have laws that allow a hospital’s ethics committee to declare the care of a terminally ill patient to be of no benefit and to discontinue care, but I can’t. I’ve spent hours … Continue reading

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Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas

What if this is true?  Think about the ramifications of being able to find oil and natural gas much more readily than we can now…..$10 a barrel oil would decimate the economies of the Middle East.  Americans could no longer … Continue reading

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