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Video: Rachel Maddow:GOP thugishness

Most of us have seen the interruptions that have been occurring at the town hall meetings being held to discuss health care reform. But what most of us don’t know is that these interruptions aren’t grass roots spontaneous uprisings, but orchestrated by Freedom Works – a Washington, D.C. lobbying firm run by former Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey. Continue reading

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Mr. Bomford, the owner of the birth certificate used to fake the Kenyan bc speaks out

David Jeffrey Bomford found himself in the unlikely position of being in the center of a controversy over whether or not it was his birth certificate (posted on a genealogy forum) that was used as the template for the faking … Continue reading

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Breaking News: U.S. Journalists Convicted in North Korea Pardoned

According to CNN, after a visit from ex-President Bill Clinton to N. Korea on behalf of the journalists serving time in North Korea, a special pardon has been issued for Euna Lee, and Laura Ling. Continue reading

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