Florida cops plotting an accident coverup

Yes, I know not all cops are bad but we are having a lot of reports lately of cops who have ego problems and who are quite frankly worse than some of the people they arrest. The video below shows cops plotting to blame an accident on a civilian when in fact the cop ran into the back of the civilians car because he was following too close.

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One Response to Florida cops plotting an accident coverup

  1. skyagunsta says:

    I believe local news reported yesterday that the two cops referred to have been placed on desk duty. Those two cops need to be suspended for a good while, without pay, or fired altogether. As Howard Finkelstein (the public defender turned people’s advocate on WSVN) put it, if those two cops were willing to twist the story when they had nothing, or very little to gain by it, what would they not be willing to do to twist a story if they really had something to gain by it.

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