Boston police officer on administrative leave after making racial slurs referring to Gates

The police officer who earlier today was put on administrative leave for referring to Professor Gates as a jungle monkey  is now claiming he is not a racist but is merely guilty of a poor choice of words.  After reading his email where he repeatedly referred to the Professor as a jungle monkey and once  as a banana eating jungle monkey, I feel perfectly comfortable in saying Justin Barret, you ARE in fact a racist.

Did this jackass really not see his words as offensive?  If he didn’t, not only is he a racist, he’s a stupid racist.

His email is below.

BOSTON (BNO NEWS) — A Boston police officer has been put on administrative leave after using racist slurs when referring to Harvard professor Henry Gates, who has been at the center of a controversial arrest last week and even drew president Obama to comment on the event.
The officer is 36-year-old Justin Barrett. He was stripped of his gun and badge on Tuesday afternoon when Boston Police Commissioner Edward David learned that Barrett was the author of an e-mail which included racist remarks towards Henry Gates.

“Commissioner Edward Davis has placed Officer Justin Barrett on administrative leave pending outcome of a termination hearing,” said Elaine Driscoll, who is a spokeswoman for the Boston Police Department. “Commissioner Davis was made aware that this officer admitted to being the author of correspondence which included racist remarks,” she added. Driscoll did not know how many people received the e-mail or at what date it was sent.

According to BNO News sources with direct knowledge to the contents of the e-mail, Barrett called Gates, among other racists remarks, a “jungle monkey.” The e-mail was described as a “mass e-mail.”

Boston Mayor Tom Menino called Barrett a “cancer in the department” and said he should be fired immediately, his office said.

Barrett was assigned to Boston’s Mattapan district and has been on the job for about two years and has no prior history. An investigation has been launched.



‘I Am Not A Racist,’ Says Cop Who Wrote Gates Slur

Justin Barrett Suspended From Police Department, National Guard

BOSTON — A Boston police officer who sent a racially charged e-mail protesting newspaper coverage of the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. apologized Wednesday night and said “I am not a racist.”

Justin Barrett, 36, admitted using the term “jungle monkey” in writing about the arrest of the Harvard professor by a Cambridge police sergeant.

“It was a poor choice of words. I did not mean to offend anyone,” Barrett told NewsCenter 5′s Cheryl Fiandaca.


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3 Responses to Boston police officer on administrative leave after making racial slurs referring to Gates

  1. Chris R says:

    I was raised by a family that made very similar racial slurs on a regular basis. I accepted these things as the truth because I didn’t know any better.

    As I grew, I had to reject this thinking because it was hateful and didn’t correspond with reality.

  2. Had we, as a society, a bit thicker skins, we would broadcast these lunacies far and wide, with an appropriate apology to the more sensitive among us, demonstrate a little Common Sense for our fellow man, and let the fringe element drown in the laughter and public ridicule generated by their own thinking or lack thereof. Along with the right to free speech comes the right to make a public fool of oneself; and like the naked, fools have little or no influence on society. We should “Never Underestimate the Power of Laughter.”

  3. AliSilver says:

    I have a long lineage of super racists,,,deep south!
    Same long line that suffers extreme alcoholism, poverty and just a general lack of ‘gumption’. I wonder if they spent their time blaming another race for their failures.

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