Did a Scandal Sink the U.S.S. Palin?

I’m not buying that Palin is stepping down for the “good of Alaska” and stated in my earlier post that I think there is a scandal brewing.  If in fact federal investigators are seizing documents from SBS this might very well be the scandal.  I know this was rumored earlier during the election but there was no solid proof  – it is alleged that federal investigators have found some proof.  Time will tell.

The suddenness of Sarah Palin’s resignation raises questions about whether a coming scandal caused her to leave office. Max Blumenthal looks at one possibility.

CNN and other major news outlets have reported that Sarah Palin has abruptly resigned as governor of Alaska. The suddenness of her announcement raises the question about whether Palin resigned to avert a major scandal. One logical place to start looking is the affair that has Alaska political circles buzzing: an alleged scandal centered around a building contractor, Spenard Building Supplies (SBS), with close ties to Palin and her husband, Todd.

Many political observers in Alaska are fixated on rumors that federal investigators have been seizing paperwork from SBS in recent months, searching for evidence that Palin and her husband Todd steered lucrative contracts to the well-connected company in exchange for gifts like the construction of their home on pristine Lake Lucille in 2002. The home was built just two months before Palin began campaigning for governor, a job which would have provided her enhanced power to grant building contracts in the wide open state.

SBS has close ties to the Palins. The company has not only sponsored Todd Palin’s snowmobile team, according to the Village Voice’s Wayne Barrett, it hired Sarah Palin to do a statewide television commercial in 2004.

Though Todd Palin told Fox News he built his Lake Lucille home with the help of a few “buddies,” according to Barrett’s report, public records revealed that SBS supplied the materials for the house. While serving as mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin blocked an initiative that would have required the public filing of building permits—thus momentarily preventing the revelation of such suspicious information.

Just months before Palin left city hall to campaign for governor, she awarded a contract to SBS to help build the $13 million Wasilla Sports Complex. The most expensive building project in Wasilla history, the complex cost the city an addition $1.3 million in legal fees and threw it into severe long-term debt. For SBS, however, the bloated and bungled project was a cash cow.


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  1. I have the feeling if there was anything to that story or so-called “scandal” with SBS, it would have been found out long before this when Obama sent his thugs to AK before the election to dig up as much dirt as they can. From what I can tell, the Democrats are going to continue to smear her because they’re afraid she will run against Obama in the next election. At best, I know they fear her ability to raise money for the GOP.

    If there is truth to the SBS story, I’d be happy to write about it on my blog, but for now, it’s nothing more than a rumor and we all know about the validity of the rumors about Sarah Palin so far.

    I’m not so much in Palin’s camp regarding political issues, but I am definitely in her camp when it comes to fighting off the Obama sleazy smear campaigns.

    Sage Reply:

    I guess you didn’t see the sleazy smear campaigns against Obama some of which Palin was the cheerleader for. The ethics charges against Sarah Palin have been brought by Republicans, but why let facts get in the way.

    I seem to remember hearing that line before….”I’m not supporting Palin, I’m just defending her.” It was a lie when I heard it before and I suspect it is now.

    I don’t know for a fact that it is this particular “scandal” that is behind her resignation but I’d be willing to bet it is a scandal and not some self-sacrificing desire to do what’s best for Alaska.

    As for her news conference….the next time she has one she might want to take a Xanax or lay off whatever she was hyped on.

    National Republicrat Reply:

    Hehe…funny! I seem to recall you launching a few campaigns against Obama. That was when you were against him before you were for him. :P

    Just a little friendly poke there Sage!

    Sage Reply:

    I never said I was for him now. I’m just reserving judgment at the moment, there’s plenty I disagree with him on.

    I think I made it pretty obvious that the possible scandal of the Palin house is was just that….preliminary information that suggested there is a scandal. This is the second time it has been brought up and I think it’s possible there is fire where there is smoke.

    I don’t know why the investigators would be federal investigators though. Seems to me it would be a state or local issue.

    msann256 Reply:

    just face it, palin is in over head in this scandal, boy she would have been a down hill turn if she had been president, it ok palin nobody perfect when it comes to being greedy.

  2. Wow Sage…are you calling me a liar? I’m surprised at that coming from you, to be honest.

    Why don’t you enlighten me on the smear campaign against Obama that Palin “cheerleaded”. It seems that anytime an Obama supporter heard anything about Obama that was negative they assumed it was false. In fact, if you look at all that was said about Obama, that he didn’t really support gay issues, he would keep the power that Bush II took by executive order, he would continue to allow phone calls to be listened in on, he would not only stick with the faith-based initiatives but he would expand them….you get my drift. Those aren’t smears, they’re facts.

    I suggest you get over your SPDS and try waiting for the facts to come out before you end up with egg on your face when this is over. If there is a “scandal” and it is proved to be true, I’ll be the first to write about it. Until then, I leave the rumor mill to MSNBC and Huffington Post, they don’t seem to care much about facts either. Now I understand why your wrote that disclaimer…”preliminary information” is just another word for rumors and innuendos.

    Sage Reply:

    The people I was calling liars know who they are. If the shoe fits and all that jazz.

    First of all I wasn’t an Obama supporter. I didn’t vote for Obama. Secondly Wizcon already addressed the Sara Palin cheerleading, so I suggest you read Wizcon’s reply. Sarah did her best to paint Obama as a domestic terrorist as Wizcon pointed out.

    Secondly, I made it quite clear that the scandal information is speculative. It seems the Sarah Palin supporters don’t mind speculation as long as it’s not about Sarah. One of the people who commented here and took me to task about the speculation had a post on another board suggesting that Obama didn’t write his own book, that William Ayers did. LOL No speculation or rumor there.

    I can’t find where you have ever posted here before but you couldn’t wait to show up and “defend” Sarah. How are all the little PUMA’s by the way?

    PS I know all about what Obama has or hasn’t done but as I said (and you would know if you actually read here much) that I said I would give him a year. He inherited the worst mess anyone could and I will reserve judgment on his performance. That was my commitment to myself and I’ll stick to it, thank you very much.

    And if I had to choose between Obama and Sarah Palin I would take Obama any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Palin is an attention junkie (I cleaned that up quite a bit) who belongs on the Jerry Springer show, not national news or the Oval Office. I find her politics reprehensible, her private life not much better and her little cutesy persona nauseating. I don’t support a candidate based solely on gender.

    And here are some things that Obama has done:

    Reversed restrictions on stem cell research
    Appointed an assistant to the president for science and technology policy
    Created a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners
    Expanded loan programs for small businesses
    Extended and indexed the 2007 Alternative Minimum Tax patch
    Expanded eligibility for State Children’s Health Insurance Fund (SCHIP)
    Expanded funding to train primary care providers and public health practitioners
    Directed military leaders to end war in Iraq
    As promised gave a speech at a major Islamic forum in the first 100 days of his administration
    Granted Americans unrestricted rights to visit family and send money to Cuba
    Restored funding for the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne/JAG) program
    Released presidential records
    Now requires new hires to sign a form affirming their hiring was not due to political affiliation or contributions
    Pushed for enactment of Matthew Shepard Act, which expands hate crime law to include sexual orientation and other factors
    Created a White House Office on Urban Policy
    Supported increased funding for the NEA
    Funded a major expansion of AmeriCorps
    Worked to overturn Ledbetter vs. Goodyear
    Banned lobbyist gifts to executive employees
    Invested in all types of alternative energy
    Enacted tax credit for consumers for plug-in hybrid cars
    Provided grants to encourage energy-efficient building codes
    Extended unemployment insurance benefits and temporarily suspended taxes on these benefits.

    I’m pretty happy with that list so far.

    And Palin should have remembered how she criticized Hillary Clinton for “whining” before she did so much of her own.
    (She said she felt kind of bad she couldn’t support a woman, but she didn’t like Clinton’s “whining.”) SOURCE

    And PS…take your snide “suggestions” elsewhere.

    timesr Reply:

    “In fact, if you look at all that was said about Obama, that he didn’t really support gay issues, he would keep the power that Bush II took by executive order, he would continue to allow phone calls to be listened in on, he would not only stick with the faith-based initiatives but he would expand them….you get my drift. Those aren’t smears, they’re facts.”

    Are you unaware of the smears or do you choose to ignore them?


    Sage Reply:

    I think she’s ignoring them. Poor little Palin is being picked on. I thought Palin was the pit bull with lipstick? The Barracuda? You wouldn’t know it to hear her whining lately.

  3. AliSilver says:

    As for scandal re: money with any politician,,, I am so OVER IT! I am sure if we loooked at every gov., member of congress state and fed, we would find similar stories or hints at stories for all of them. Every politician is a snake in the grass and absolutely give themself ‘perks’ at every opportunity. So if she did or didn’t doesn’t make a hill of beans to me. It’s so common as to not even be worth thinking about anymore.

  4. AliSilver says:

    And NO I”M NOT BITTER ! :P

  5. I am not saying a scandal is not brewing, but…

    Guilty until proven innocent…

    Sage Reply:

    If there is no scandal it will be probably the first time in my lifetime a politician resigned for something other than extremely bad health or a scandal. It could happen but I’m not holding my breath.

    And I still think it was one of the most bizarre press conference speeches I’ve ever heard.

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