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Nobody’s Talking About the Silver Bullet That Could Heal the Economy and Cure Most Social Ills

I found this article fascinating and the study equally so.  The areas that the study found to be effected by income inequality include: The Evidence Physical Health Mental Health Drug Abuse Education Imprisonment Obesity Social Mobility Trust and Community Life … Continue reading

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Stop Playing Politics with our Healthcare by guest author Skyagunsta

By Skyagunsta “Fear concentrates on what can go wrong,  it interferes with one’s confidence in being able to do what is right.” Donald DeMarco It is time to stop playing politics with our health and our health care. We are … Continue reading

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Florida cops plotting an accident coverup

Yes, I know not all cops are bad but we are having a lot of reports lately of cops who have ego problems and who are quite frankly worse than some of the people they arrest. The video below shows … Continue reading

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Boston police officer on administrative leave after making racial slurs referring to Gates

The police officer who earlier today was put on administrative leave for referring to Professor Gates as a jungle monkey  is now claiming he is not a racist but is merely guilty of a poor choice of words.  After reading … Continue reading

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Fix to Firefox opening a new window for no apparent reason (3.5.2 inferior to 3.5)

After my last update with Firefox I encountered a problem that quite frankly I couldn’t figure out the cause.  Sometimes Firefox would open a new tab in a new window after I had clicked on the tab to either restore … Continue reading

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The blog has been slow and what I’m doing about it

There has been a considerable slowdown on the loading of the blog intermittently.  Part of the problem is GoDaddy servers have experienced a slowdown although they say that isn’t the case today (but was yesterday). I have installed two plugins … Continue reading

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New York gives homeless people a one-way ticket to leave city

I’ve read the argument that until one is putting a roof over their own head they are still technically homeless and that this is just a stopgap measure.   There may be some truth to that but, I think it’s … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Question in the Health Care Debate

As the health care reform debate rages on there is a question that no one is addressing.  If we don’t have a health care system that even the poor have access to who would we deem should be left to … Continue reading

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Racial profiling, racism and the 911 caller in Gates arrest

911 caller in Gates arrest never referred to ‘black suspects’ By Wayne Drash (CNN) — The woman who made the 911 call that led to the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. never referred to black suspects when … Continue reading

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Bush-Era Debate – Using G.I.’s in U.S.

Top Bush administration officials in 2002 debated testing the Constitution by sending American troops into the suburbs of Buffalo to arrest a group of men suspected of plotting with Al Qaeda, according to former administration officials. Continue reading

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