Sonia Sotomayor – an opinion piece by guest author Skyagunsta

Sonia Sotomayor

By: Skyagunsta

Sonia Sotomayor has been selected by Barack Obama as his nominee to be parsed, hacked, and hashed over by a Senate Confirmation Panel and by a full Senate Confirmation vote if she gets through the hurdles of Republican antagonism for anything that does not contain a Bush political gene in it.

Sonia Sotomayor, I have heard it said, is someone who would be very much like Thurgood Marshall was to the Supreme Court. Someone with a heart beat, placed right smack in the middle of that cosmos which makes up the common man or woman, the struggling class, the discriminated against.

They say of Sonia Sotomayor that she TOO, defiende al humano porque siendo hermano se vive major–ROUGHLY TRANSLATED IT MEANS THAT SHE WOULD STAND, in defense of the humans because being in a sisterhood being, in a brotherhood one finds inner peace.

I am not really sure how I feel about Sonia Sotomayor. I think no one can measure up to Thurgood Marshall and the human beat he brought to the Supreme Court. I don’t think America can ever replicate it, or duplicate it. I do think America lost a major heartbeat when Thurgood Marshall retired from the Supreme Court.

(Did at any point I read that she clerked under Thurgood Marshall while he was still in the Supreme Court? I am not sure now whether I read it or not. I am no sure if my brain is making this up because I so long for someone good, with a good understanding of the human struggle to sit on that bench in the Supreme Court of the United States. But, I think I did read it. Now, I don’t know if having a good understanding of the human struggle makes anyone out to be a good God-Given-Giving Liberal. I do know that is the label the Bushes, and any of the Bushes’ followers, give anyone with a good understanding of the human heart who, in understanding the human struggle, struggles themselves to make it an easier, less painful, a more balanced road, for countless ordinary American men and women who dream of democracy and of the American Dream to..

But . if I did read that Sonia Sotomayor clerked under Thurgood Marshall, and if she learned how to use her mind to let her heart speak on behalf of, and for, the countless ordinary Americans whose numbers have been exponentially increased by Bush policies . then I have to say, Sonia Sotomayor is like the flower one unexpectedly finds in an outing in the fields . an unexpected blessing. A drop of dew in a very parched land.)

Unlike so many Hispanics in the media who celebrate Sotomayor’s selection just because she is a Hispanic woman, I have to say, that as a woman of half Hispanic ancestry myself, it is not Sotomayor’s Latino or Hispanic ethnicity which makes her selection as a nominee for the supreme court palatable to me. It is the fact that she may have learned something of real importance during her time clerking under Thurgood Marshall and that she applies those learnings to her rulings.

That resonates with me.

That alone is what makes Sotomayor important and relevant to me, even when the Bushes and their followers are going to try to paint her as an evil liberal whose nomination needs to be, according to them, stuffed down a toilet somewhere.

Shame on them.

America needs as much dew and as many lilies in the field as it can get!

About the author:
Skyagunsta is a long line descendant of Andrew Pickens ,who fought in the Revolutionary War, alongside Francis Marion better known as the Swamp Fox. He is credited with the victory of the Battle of the Cowpens … a crucial victory for the colonies in their fight against the Crown.

It is said of Andrew Pickens that he defended, many times over and in many situations, the voice of the Underdog.

A trait Skyagunsta applied to own life. One, which, once upon a time had her facing her own danger in Santiago de Cuba, where she was born, as she, alongside some of her friends, distributed leaflets opposing Fidel Castro soon after his revolutionary victory was turning the Country into a Communist regime.

For many years, Skyagunsta … worked as a mental health professional bringing light to darkness and peace to the inner turmoil of many troubled minds.

These days Skyagunsta wonders if she should have made writing her main profession, although she has dabbed at it all of her life.

She is a liberal at heart, therefore, a true opposer of the Bushes, their policies, their politics, and their derivatives. She opposes corporatism, the stealing of elections and she believes in the rights of ordinary, every day Americans.

My thanks to Skyagunsta for sending this to me and agreeing to me posting it.

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14 Responses to Sonia Sotomayor – an opinion piece by guest author Skyagunsta

  1. Ken says:

    Not only did Judge Sotomayor not clerk for Marshal, J., she never had a judicial clerkship at all. She became a prosecutor after law school.

    Way to base your opinion on facts there.

    Sage Reply:

    The smartass comment wasn’t necessary. Sky mentioned she wasn’t sure if she had clerk for Marhsall or not.

  2. skyagunsta says:

    Thank you for your comment and for setting the record straight.
    It has been said of her, however, that she could be someone very much like Thurgood Marshall on the SCOTUS. That, is what Rs are really afraid of. I do believe.

  3. skyagunsta says:

    O, and by the way, I also want to point you to this line from the opinion above,

    “(Did at any point I read that she clerked under Thurgood Marshall while he was still in the Supreme Court? I am not sure now whether I read it or not. I am no sure if my brain is making this up because I so long for someone good, with a good understanding of the human struggle to sit on that bench in the Supreme Court of the United States. But, I think I did read it.”

    As you see … I was doubtful as to whether or not I had actually read that she had clerked for TMarshall, but I am glad she has been linked to him as someone who could be the next TM in the SCOTUS … and as I sad, Rs are really afraid of that.

    Sage Reply:

    Ken is either being a jackass or has reading comprehension problems. I’ll let you decide which.

  4. skyagunsta says:

    Thanks for your understanding Sage. It means a lot.

    Sage Reply:

    You’re welcome and thanks for the article!

  5. Sage says:

    My question about her nomination is why do we need 6 Catholic justices?

  6. 2fewfactsaround says:

    Thanks for your opinion piece, Skya. I admire Thurgood Marshall also. I wonder if Ken thinks I should back up my good opinion of T. Marshall. Although I notice he didn’t give references as sources for his ‘facts’ about Sotomayor’s career history either.

    And, Sage, I think you are making a very important point about too many Catholic justices serving at one time. I have not heard one political pundit mention that. In fairness, I have to confess that as soon as the cable news channels start segments of dueling pundits about her nomination, I quickly turn the channel. They are all so very predictable..and boring.

    skyagunsta Reply:

    Thanks for your thoughts and comments 2fewfactsaround. I appreciate them. This country needs someone as good as TMarshall ..

    I think some of the Catholics on the SCOTUS (How many are there, I don’t know … but at least 1 of them … well, I think he needs to get to know Jesus a little bit better than his rulings seem to reflect. I wonder if Jesus himself would say that to this one Justice… It would surely make me smile.

  7. AliSilver says:

    OMG,, if you couple this thread and your question WHY DO WE NEED SIX CATHOLIC JUDGES with the following thread about t he catholic church,,,,,,,,,then I’d almost say SORRY SONYA!!!!!! LOL

    If she wants my backing, she should stand up today loud and clear and say I’m gonna take MY CHURCH TO TASK on this pedophiliac priests! Then she’d have a lotta folks in her corner.

    Sage Reply:

    I agree.

  8. Wizcon says:

    Makes you wonder why the pro lifers are so worried about what judges are there. 6 of 9 are catholics? There are rumblings about if she’s prolife.

    Sage Reply:

    They don’t want to just load the deck they want to own the deck.

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