As U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie Approved Warrantless Tracking Of Suspects Using Cell Phone GPS

I love technology….at least most of the time.  I love my computers and wireless phones.  I love my cell phone and microwaves are one of the greatest inventions of all time as far as I’m concerned.  BUT what I don’t like is the fact that technology is being turned against us and used to invade almost every part of our lives.  When we drive chances are technology will be used to make sure we aren’t speeding or running red lights.  Surveillance cameras now adorn many workplaces, watching the every move of the employees.  Dressing rooms have even fallen prety to camera surveillance.  The Bush administration used technology to install warrantless wiretaps and now we find that cell phone GPS systems have been used illegally to record the movements of “suspects”.

Studies have been done to determine the efficacy of t.v. surveillance in deterring crime.

A study this year by the European Commission of the effect of the 200,000 surveillance cameras in operation in London found that crime has risen 10 percent since 2002. SOURCE

And it’s not just criminals who have something to fear from all of the surveillance.

Another British study, done at Hull University, found that one in 10 surveillance cameras was at one time or another used to follow women for voyeuristic ends, and in New York City, a surveillance tape from a public housing project that recorded a black man committing suicide was posted on a racist Web site, allegedly by one of the police officers who was supposed to be monitoring the cameras.SOURCE

Videos of unsuspecting people — women changing in store dressing rooms, couples fighting or having sex — that were caught by the British surveillance cameras have wound up for sale on the Internet. SOURCE

Regulations for surveillance have not kept pace with technology and technology is ever encroaching on our “reasonable expectation of privacy.”  In this day and age it is not paranoid to believe that you might be under the watchful eye of an unknown entity.  Just how much privacy are we willing to sacrifice to gain a false sense of security?

As U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie Approved Warrantless Tracking Of Suspects Using Cell Phone GPS

While serving as a U.S. attorney during the Bush administration, Christopher Christie, now a Republican candidate for Governor in New Jersey, tracked the whereabouts of citizens through their cell phones without warrants. The ACLU obtained the documents detailing the spying program from the Justice Department in an ongoing lawsuit over cell phone tracking.

While the documents reveal 79 such cases on or after Sept. 12, 2001, they do not specify how many of the applications were made during Christie’s tenure. Christie served as U.S. attorney from Jan. 17, 2002 through November 2008. ACLU staff attorney Catherine Crump noted:

Tracking the location of people’s cell phones reveals intimate details of their daily routines and is highly invasive of their privacy. The government is violating the Constitution when it fails to get a search warrant before tracking people this way.

The new revelations about the cell phone tracking program under Christie is yet another example of the warrantless spying programs authorized under the Bush administration. Previous programs approved without a court order or warrant have included the secret program to monitor radiation levels at over 100 Muslim sites and the NSA spying program on the phone and e-mail communications of thousands of people inside the U.S. These programs run contrary to the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which forbids “unreasonable searches” and sets out specific requirements for warrants, including “probable cause.”


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