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Video: Shepard Smith drops F-bomb during Freedom Watch

Don’t watch this if profanity offends you. The reason I’m posting this is because Shepherd’s point of view is pretty unusual for someone on Fox News. I agree with Mr. Smith’s sentiment but unfortunately he was wrong in that yes … Continue reading

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American Idol’s Lil Rounds first to go tonight

Today is American Idol’s elimination night and they lost no time in letting Lil Rounds know her journey has come to an end. Number two in the double elimination was Anoop Desai.  Once again Allison was in the bottom three….her … Continue reading

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Torture and the way forward

As many Americans read the torture memos, finding themselves horrified by the idea that the United States engaged in the torture of detainees in violation of the Geneva Convention, Dick Cheney made a very telling statement. Cheney said there are … Continue reading

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