Video: VA Governor Tim Kaine addresses the turning down of $125 million in stimulus money

As Virginia Republicans fight some ideological battle Virginians are facing running out of unemployment benefits leaving them with no way to pay their bills and feed their children.  In the video, Governor Tim Kaine talks about how he feels about the turning down of the $125 million stimulus money.

Republican Delegate William Fralin comments on “showing Congress they don’t set Virginia policy”……he really showed them and he really screwed his constituents over in doing so.  .  The justification given earlier for turning down the unemployment funds was because the increase in the premiums to companies would go up $4.50 per employee per  year.  I found that reasoning hard to believe  and Fralin spills the beans on the real reason for the turn down…..Republicans thumbing their noses at Congress and while doing so cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

I have a feeling Republicans are going to feel the backlash of this decision at election time and well they should.

Governor Kaine says House Republicans made “a huge mistake” Wednesday when they rejected $125 million dollars in federal stimulus money.

Speaking with lawmakers during a traditional end of session meeting, Kaine thanked them for their work on the budget, but he expressed deep disappointment on the rejection of the federal stimulus funds.

“It’s not going to affect me at all, but there’s an awful lot of people who are hurting in Virginia in ways that they haven’t hurt in the last generation in this Commonwealth and the message to them seems to be, ‘We just don’t care,” said Governor Tim Kaine.


“And when are we going to tell the Congress of the United States that they don’t set the public policy of Virginia on a state administered and a state run program like unemployment insurance,” said Republican delegate William Fralin.

It was William Fralin’s speech on the floor of the House, that brought a strong reaction from the Governor.

“This was not about the federal government. This was not about an ideological battle, you know with some distant foe. This is about looking into the eyes of Virginian’s who have lost their jobs,” said Governor Kaine.


If you can’t view the video please let me know.

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  2. Wizcon says:

    But he feels for ya Sage and can look you in the eye. LOL!

    Sage Reply:

    Really. I feel for the people of Martinsville and Danville. They are hurting big time.

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