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Poll: Obama Broke Through Polarization Across Party Lines

I’m actually pretty shocked with the response Obama’s speech got and the support that is being reported today. Watching the speech last night I saw something I have never seen before…..the president of the United States signing autograph after autograph. … Continue reading

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Obama Emphasizes Reform, Offers Hope Amid Economic Crisis

One of the things Obama said was no longer would companies who send jobs overseas receive a tax break.   That is an issue that transcends partisanship.   If you missed the speech and would like to view it clickHERE Obama … Continue reading

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Obama To Target Tax Havens In Budget

It’s about time. As part of the budget that he will introduce this Thursday, President Barack Obama will call for the closure of tax havens that allow companies to pay greatly reduced tax rates, an administration official tells the Huffington … Continue reading

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