“Bugs”, bigfoot and Ed Hale

Many of us first heard the name Ed Hale through API when Sammy said he had a deal with Ed Hale for the release of the Michelle Obama tape. Below is the audio of a conversation between Sammy and Ed Hale:

Conversation between Ed Hale and Sammy Korir


Later, the deal with Ed Hale went sour due to Ed contacting Will Bower looking for an outlet to sell the tape:

From: Ed Hale

To: William Bower

Sent: Friday, October 17, 2008 7:17 PM

Subject: Audio Tape

Hi Will: I have been in contact with the African Press International, who ran the Michelle Obama story. I have talked to them about releasing the audio tape they have of her. It would appear that this is going to happen. The format will be, I will bring the reporter on and let them tell us how they obtained the tape, and then I will run the audio tape, and bring the reporter back on to verify that it is the real thing. Once I have this done, I will place it on my web site, file for and get a copyright on it. Once I have this done, I will contact you with the link. What I would like for you, since you live in Washington DC, to do is contact CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC and MSNBC. Let them listen to the audio tape. I will then take bid on this tape. The starting bid will be 2 million dollars. Once you have received the high bid, we will break the money down this way, 45% to Bar H Farms Inc, parent copy of Plains Radio network, 45% to African Press International and 10% for yourself. If you can do this, please call me at 806-447-0010. Thanks Ed MORE INFO

It is my understanding that Ed Hale admitted to having sent that email to Will Bower. There is also an email that was supposedly sent to Phil Berg from Ed Hale but I do not have confirmation that Ed did indeed send it. You can see the contents of the supposed email HERE.

I hope you listened to at least part of the audio above…..there’s a reason I wanted you to hear it. This is where it all gets weird and interesting.

Back in 1996, Art Bell of Coast to Coast AM (late-night syndicated radio talk show) interviewed a man known only as “Bugs” who gave his account of shooting and burying two Bigfoot creatures back in the 1970s. Please view at least a portion of the video:

Does the voice sound familiar?

Yes, Ed Hale is the elusive Bugs that the Bigfoot “community” has been trying to identify for many years.

In this Art Bell interview with Bugs, bigfoot hunter and researcher Robert W. Morgan is included in the interview. There are 10 videos in this series and in the interview it is revealed that Bugs gave a map to Art Bell detailing where the two creatures were buried and some discussion that Bugs would allow Art Bell to turn the map over to Robert W. Morgan. As late as August 2007, Robert W. Morgan was trying to find “Bugs”:

A few years ago I appeared with you on the Art Bell Show. I was then a frequent guest on Art’s show. He had asked that I listen to your report of your encounter with the Bigfoot that had turned both violent and deadly. You and some friends purportedly had killed both a male and a female Bigfoot. I was asked to render an opinion both as a recognized authority on the subject but also as a fellow veteran familiar with the stress that can follow combat.

According to your story, you and some buddies had been out running a trap line or such and had come upon two of those entities whom I have come to call the Forest Giant People. One of your friends had opened fire for reasons of their own. As a Vietnam vet, you had learned the hard way what bullets can do to flesh. Having wounded one of the Bigfoot and having sympathy for its suffering, you followed the trail into a dense thicket. There you discovered a female tending to her mortally wounded male companion. When she attempted to defend him, you shot in self-defense. She died on the spot. REST OF LETTER

The website that broke this story of Bugs being Ed Hale THE REGULATOR apparently has a comment left on their website by Ed Hale:


I have to wonder what “Bugs” purpose was for revealing the shooting of the 2 bigfoot creatures when he virtually disappeared after the airing of the show. The map has never been revealed and his identity was never revealed until someone heard these videos and outed Bugs as being Ed Hale.

Bugs would have us believe he came forward because of deep remorse and guilt, but that remorse and guilt went only as far as talking on the radio. Was it remorse and guilt that led Bugs to confess on the radio?

From Michelle Obama tapes to the remains of bigfoot we are often asked to set aside our intellect and asked to just believe because someone sounds sincere……but we are well served when we are skeptical when dealing with unverifiable information. And isn’t it telling that so many of those who promote conspiracies of all kinds somehow intersect at some point in time?

Hat tip to the person who tipped me off to the Ed Hale/Bugs revelation…you know who you are. Thanks.

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50 Responses to “Bugs”, bigfoot and Ed Hale

  1. Mbousa says:

    Wow, a map of bigfoot burials. Could it be that API may acquire the map and then give out daily clues that trace a path to the burial locations on their new website and then talk about it at length in their chat room? Whoever finds the burials gets a $500,000 prize? Part of the new API business model so that Sammy can add devoted Art Bell listners to his following, increase web hits and sell more advertising? Then we have the collateral business of selling little Bigfoot figurines as collectors items. I really would want one of those cute little Bigfoots and will give my paypal account to get one. Sillier things have happened… but you must demonstrate silly by being silly.

    Sage Reply:

    Hey, good idea. Why didn’t I think of doing that?

    Watch for it, it’s coming soon: Mountain Sage’s Bigfoot Store


    Wizcon Reply:

    You going to sell freezers in your store?

    Mbousa Reply:

    Wiz, that depends on what part of the country your in this winter. In most places, you just put it outside and it freezes instantly.

    John Dean Reply:


  2. Grace says:

    Goodness gracious! When I was in my home country as a child, I used to ask my parents, “how come only America has big foot and UFO, and not in our country?”

    Mbousa Reply:

    Sis, those Americans have very active imaginations. LOL

    Grace Reply:

    LOL agree! Film industry is fanstastic here!

  3. Well I’ve always wondered about Big Foot. It’s nice to know the truth. LOL

  4. It looks like the API chat room has been officially banned. Nobody left execpt Jimmy. He’s being boycotted. Everyone’s at Hoax.

  5. neonzx says:

    Ed Hale has told his followers that he will “come clean” about the bigfoot story on his radio show tonight. 8pm Central.


    I think he either made it all up- or he actually killed and buried two humans in 1976.

    Sage Reply:

    Thanks for the information. It should be interesting to say the least.

    drsharonschuetz Reply:

    Yes, he’s on his way out. We’re all leaving little good bye notes in the comment section of his chat. I’ll send what Jimmy said in a minute.

    neonzx Reply:

    yeah, but be warned. He makes promises like this and then doesn’t follow through- so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t say a damn thing tonight.

  6. Grace says:

    That’s good to know! Do you know what caused the banning/boycotting?

  7. Everyone got fed up.

  8. havingfun says:

    Sage, are you around?
    We need you over on the hoax site.
    Please come, we will explain

    Sage Reply:


  9. Grace says:

    I don’t blame them! Is everyone in API hoax site now?

    Grace Reply:

    I guess havingfun answered my question.

  10. havingfun says:

    Yes, we have a guest, maybe jimmy, we need to have him banned.

    Grace Reply:

    Mind me join in, havingfun?

    havingfun Reply:

    come on in, grace

    Grace Reply:

    Have to register first, lol I will be right there!

  11. havingfun says:

    Below is the latest scam from api, we all signed out and are only there as guests.

    Guest4724:my display name is now Guest4944
    AfricanPress(API):this public chatroom has been turned to private chat room, to be able to join the chat, one must get api approval and given log in code. to be approved, one must give full and personal details
    Guest4758:my display name is now Guest4965
    AfricanPress(API):personal details will have to include home telephone – landline, not mobile
    AfricanPress(API):closed by api, not serves as private chat room.
    AfricanPress(API):bye everyone ste closed. we do no need you anymor, silly burgers
    Guest4792:my display name is now Guest4995

    Sage Reply:

    LOL….I wonder how many people will give him personal info.

    havingfun Reply:

    probably one one, and you know who i mean! LOL

    Sage Reply:

    I won’t mention names but the initials are grandma.


  12. Chris W says:

    Hell good people of the Sage. Ed Hale said in his own words on the Art Bell show that he thought he had killed a couple of “mentally retarded” people that night. I have a feeling that someone got shot that night and I don’t think it was our North American Yeti. IMHO. Everyone spread the word about this. This story only exists because Ed Hale claims it happened. There are only three things that could have happened here: Ed is lying about the story–Ed shot and killed two Bigfeet (sic)–or Ed killed a couple of humans. Spread the word.

  13. Chris W says:

    Hell good people? That should be “Hello”. Where’s the little edit thingymajig?

    Sage Reply:

    Hello Chris. I don’t think there is an edit thingy. Sorry.

    havingfun Reply:

    LOL, Sage!

    Sage Reply:


  14. Grace says:

    Has Hale confessed yet?

    Sage Reply:

    I went to his radio show at 8:00 and he was just finishing up. I’ll check back and see if he has the audio up yet.

    John Dean Reply:

    No win situation for him. Fact is, if he doesn’t admit it was all a lie, someone like me will call the police on him. After all, we have a taped confession.

    Thanks for writing this all up Sage!

    Sage Reply:

    You’re welcome, JD.

  15. igaveup says:

    is the API hoax site another site or their original “hoax” site?

    Wizcon Reply:

    The hoax chat is definately not the API. It’s where the non believers go.

  16. alisilver says:


  17. Dixie says:

    Whenever anybody starts spreading something around without proof it just keeps building. Why bother spreading something around without any proof? It just helps the person that you are trying to put down. Everyone should have learned this lesson from dealing with API. Ignore it and it will go away unless the proof is presented. In this case the remains of two whatevers. The mystery of the bigfoots have been around for a long time. Who knows if they exist as none have ever been captured. Why is this getting out now? Are the other two un-named hunters still living to back it up? Why would anybody want to sit on a burial location or wait until somebody’s death before reveling it? Free publicity? Who cares and it deserves no more attention.

    Dixie Reply:

    The More Info link above on the email is restricted.

    Wizcon Reply:

    because he is a media outlet that so many put faith in as far as information resurces. I saw him and his plains radio sourced many many times over the last few months by the API group and anyone else digging for dirt on Obama.
    Didn’t he have the supreme court lawsuits attorney’s on over and over?

    John Dean Reply:

    Dixie, if this was my site, I would call you a right wing troll, because that is what you are. You’ve been cheerleading garbage for quite some time now.

    But it’s not my site.

    It matters because the liar is a con artist, just like Corsi, Berg, TexasDarlin, Polarik, Beckwith, RosettaStone, API, yada yada yada.

    It’s that simple.

    Dixie Reply:

    You haven’t a clue what you are talking about. How have I been cheerleading garbage? Comprehension is wonderful try using it.

    Dixie Reply:

    I personally do not like Ed Hale, but by spreading this bigfoot crap around is just giving him attention.

    Sage Reply:

    And you care about him getting attention why?

    Sage Reply:

    You’re entitled to your opinion but I disagree. If someone is pulling a scam they should be called on it in my opinion.

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  19. susie hudson says:

    there is a way to get into that api blog without a code, which is sammys middle name, if anyone knows it…..but I get in w/out it. noticed cloud is back, along with others I havnt heard from….very interesting stuff…they continue to believe….scarey stuff…

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