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The vast majority of the research for this article was done by Grace.   Thank you, Grace!

This isn’t the first time we have done an article on Sammy’s Rainbow Foundation. I spoke with Mr. Edward Karaban at the Rainbow Foundation in New Jersey and he was aware of problems with The Rainbow Foundation of Norway .  Things got so bad that the The Rainbow Foundation posted this to their home page.

It has come to our attention that a FALSE Rainbow Foundation email has been circulating, asking people for personal and financial information in exchange for certain sums of money. This email is in no way affiliated with, or is sent from, the Rainbow Foundation and all recipients are urged to ignore this email. WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH OR CONNECTED TO A RAINBOW FOUNDATION IN NORWAY OR THE AFRICAN PRESS INTERNATIONAL. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you

If we look at some older article that discuss the Rainbow Foundation we see a pattern of behavior much  like some of his behavior on API.  Please note that these are Google translations of articles and somewhat rough translations.

Monetary Surrender in AIDS organization

Publisert 03.05.2001 11:26. Published 03.05.2001 11:26. Oppdatert 03.05.2001 12:35. Updated 03.05.2001 12:35.

Listen matter of monetary mess in the AIDS organization Rainbow foundation.

IRS in Oslo investigate pengerot in the organization Rainbow foundation. The foundation has received 1.5 million in state aid to health care among American-Africans, but much of the money is instead used as a compensation to the leader of the organization.

Rainbow Foundation can not document how it is all part of one million support that the organization has received since 1996. The organization claims that much of the accounts were lost in a computer crash of the transition to the year 2000. But all payments to the Rainbow Foundation is now stopped, “said director of the Health Toril Rösch-Nielsen.

Million support to the Rainbow Foundation would, among other things, used for AIDS information for African youth in Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsoe. But none of these events were out of something. The majority of the money has instead ended up as a salary to the organization’s leader, and on restaurant visits and alcohol-serving. And Health is now asking kemneren investigate the matter, “said Rösch-Nielsen.

The leader of the Rainbow foundation would not comment on the matter to Østlands submission. Norwegian Board of Health was warned against giving money to the organization Rainbow Foundation already in 1996. It was then revealed that the organization had used a hundred thousand dollars in violation of the conditions.


Sammy has a lot of computer crashes doesn’t he?

And just to verify that Sammy is the owner of the Rainbow Foundation see SOURCE

In the article below Aftenposten points out that the Rainbow Foundation is NOT registered with the country government as a Foundation:

Africans disagree about HIV strategy

Chairman of the Rainbow Foundation Sammy Korir think it is nonsense to require public scrutiny of Health and Social Affairs for HIV initiative being taken by the Norwegian Board of Health.

That was last week that the Health went out and warned against unprotected sex with Africans due to the risk of HIV infection.

Akhen leader Oddvar de Leon of the Organization against Public Discrimination (OMOD) said to Arbeiderbladet that afrikanerne in Norway will demand a public investigation by the Ministry for HIV-initiative being taken. 11 African organizations have sent a letter to helsedirektør Anne Alvik which requires a public regret.

- If we do not have a regret from the public health director, will put the power behind the requirements, “said Akhen Oddvar de Leon. -

If the health director does not come with such regret, the afrikanerne wish to go court.

Want Dialogue

Sammy Korir in the Rainbow Foundation is not agree with OMOD. He said that afrikanerne in Norway are best served by finding solutions through dialogue with the health authorities.

- OMOD-initiative being taken with the requirement of public scrutiny and threatened to go court, are empty threats. The correct way to go is to have a dialogue with the authorities. It is the only one who can solve problems, “said Korir told NTB.

He stressed that the Rainbow Foundation still requires a public regret from the health director.

Critical to the Foundation

The Manager is Akhen Oddvar de Leon and said that Norwegian authorities have not done homework when they choose to cooperate with the Rainbow Foundation.

- I do not know Rainbow Foundation represents, if they represent any at all, “he said.

Health has had meetings with the Rainbow Foundation in the wake of HIV-initiative being taken in the last week.

Sammy Korir told NTB that the Rainbow Foundation is a foundation that works with the integration and brobygging in Norwegian society. The foundation was founded two years ago, he said.

- There are many Africans who support us, “said Korir.

According to Aftenposten’s Rainbow Foundation is not registered with the County Governor in Oslo as a foundation.


We once again see Sammy’s claim about all of his support…..just as he brags about all of the hits on his website.  But if you look at the actual statistics on his website at Alexa you will see that he has far fewer hits than the claimed 3 million.  SOURCE

In 2000 Sammy appealed the decision that his organization not receive government funds – it appears his appeal was turned down.

Kommunal- og regionaldepartementet Local Government and Regional Development

Appeals from the African Forum in South Africa and the Rainbow Foundation of Local Government and Regional Ministry’s decision 24 January 2000, for not received support from tilskuddsordningen to national organizations, are not to follow. SOURCE

And we find he did not receive funding in 2001:




The use of a charity foundation for personal gain is a far greater violation of the public’s trust than a hoax about a Michelle Obama tape.

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